Cape Fear 2/24

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    Went out today with Britton, his girlfriend Kim, and Cathy. We had a good time (the guys at least:wink:). It was a little cold and windy at first, but we got most of that out of the way trying to catch eels. They were kinda hard to come by today. Only got two but we had some big shad as well. Tide was coming out so we hit the good old incoming tide spot and got an 8lb blue on shad. Floundered around for a little while trying to find another spot that actually produces on the incoming tide.....needless to say that didn't work. We were trying to find a place to wait out the slow tide period and fished a new spot thinking we were just going to be soaking bait...boy were we wrong. Immediately had a fish on and lost it. Then I caught my first channel cat out of the river, the Britton caught a flathead about 5lbs and then we got a double with a 12lb blue and another 8lb blue. Went to one of my favorite spots where a little creek dumps in and should have had another double but ended up getting just one, Kim's first catfish a 5lb blue. Fished another couple of spots and lost ANOTHER anchor and didn't catch any more fish. It was a pretty decent day of fishing, 4 blues, 1 flat and a channel cat.
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    sounds like the fish are waking up and ready to go!!!!!!!!

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    A lot better than I did on the White Oak in the Croaton National Forest. Caught one hybrid bass on nightcrawer. Stayed about 3 hrs before moving to a small creek a friend told me about its only about 30 ft across at the widest point but has holes over 15ft in it. Didn't catch any cats but spent about 3 more hours catching nice red breasted bream on light tackle with 4 lb line..what a ball..yes I let them all go.
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    Hybrid bass on the White Oak? I know there are some local stripers and a few big white perch, but I've never seen or heard of a hybrid being in there.