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    Just got back from the Cape. Was down for a wedding and fished when I could. For four days I fished off the jetty like the rest of the folks. Finally on the fourth night I left the jetty and hit the surf where I always have fished in the past. In an hour and a half we had 4 blues, 3 ladies and six line breaks. Heres a picture of the blues we kept. note the beer can tape measure. only had three cans but needed one more.

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    Blue fish off the Jetty, sure brings back memories. I fished there when there was still some undeveloped beach and it didn't cost to get in.

    Those two dome looking structures on the road in are the first two cruise ship terminals I helped to build when I lived there.

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    It costs to get in? Wow times sure do change. We used to stay there when I was a kid. Got on my dad's navy ship there. Was the USS Mercury, a cruiser, then NASA got it and recommissioned it the USS Vulcan. Caught many a fish off the jetty and plenty of sand fleas for bait. Also foud out what fire ants were but that's a different story.
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    Let's see, the last time I was fishing anywhere around the cape was back in 1963. Last summer 'vacation' before I finished college. I had been working 80-90 hours a week all summer, and the job ended a couple of weeks before school started back up. So, my buddy and I decided to tour Florida; down the west coast, out onto the keys, back up the east coast. When we got to Orlando, I called a girl I knew to arrange a beach party, and a date for my buddy. That taken care of, my buddy and I decided that we probably needed to find a beach. Looking at the map, the closest beach could be reached by going east through Titusville, on over to Titusville Beach. Once we passed Titusville, it looked like a tsunami had washed everything away, and I mean everything. The closest thing we found to a foundation was the raised solid concrete island where the gas pumps were at a service station. There was nothing else there. About a quarter mile before we reached the shoreline, we passed a couple of metal warehouses, which was pretty strange, after not seeing anything but ground which had once had structures built on it. We had waded out and were doing a little surf fishing when a 'watchman' came by, wanting to know who we were, and what we were doing there. We explained, and he said we could come back that evening, 'to the beach'; and if we built a fire, to build it down on the bare sand. He also advised us not to swim or to wade in very deep water that night, because 'the sharks come in pretty close at night'.
    That night, we were wading (in shallow water, you betcha) and I noticed that when the water hit our legs, it seemed to glow. I looked at that, then I looked south to where I could see the glow of the lights at the cape. Hmmm. We got out of the water and sat on the sand. The tide was going out, so the sand was wet where we sat. When I moved my hand on the sand, it glowed. Hmmm. We moved plumb away from anything wet.
    At that time, I didn't know anything about 'red tide', and I sure didn't know what might have been shot off from the cape and crashed up around where we were. Kind of spooky at the time.