Canyon Lake

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  1. FlashGordon

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    I'll be going to Canyon Lake next month for the first time. Don't hear much and can't find much about it on the web. Anyone fish Canyon?
  2. hillcountryfishin

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    Canyon is can be tough catfishing. I've had my best luck fishing the mouth of the guad. river near cranes mill with shad/perch and punchbait.

    We have caught some yellas on r/r at the ft. sam houston pier as well.
    There's some big ones in there, blues and yellas. It is full right now and I would fish any type of flooded banks or weeds with punchbait/shad. Oughta be pretty good.
    Good Luck and let us know how it went

  3. bw19

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    I fished Canyon frequently for several years before moving away in 2001. We caught a lot of catfish during the summer fishing around the big marinas. they sit on flats 20-40 feet deep. The blues roam those flats during the day. Our favorite was Canyon Marina. Tie to the floating tires that form the breakwater. Choose the area inside or out of the breakwater that will get you out of the wind. Wind can get bad on Canyon.

    We would chum with sour grain and fish on the botton with chicken livers on light wire hooks. Our favorite hook was Tru-Turn 1/0 light wire hooks.

    We also fished these marina at night.

    Send me a PM if you want some details. I can recommed several other areas.