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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by rednecksportsman511, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. rednecksportsman511

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    Birmingham, AL
    Hey yall, havent been too active in the boc lately, but deer seasons comin up and im itchin. i just started hunting last year, greatest experience ive ever had in the outdoors, even though i only saw a single deer. this season looks to be great in alabama tho. not much rain, acron crop'll be shoddy, already turnin mild...means its gonna be a cold winter and the deer are gonna hafta be moving alot to find food with the acorn crop not bein so good. i've got my hunter safety course certification-made a 100 on the written test-and im about to go to walmart and buy me a license. this season's gonna be great, and i cant wait to get out there!
  2. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    hope you get a big one. some of my best memeories was in the deer woods. some frozen ones

  3. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    Awesome Brother! Just be careful! I don't dotoo much hunting and'll probably just mooch meat off of Thomcat (hint, hint) and my grandpa always hooks me up fat with the steaks...YUMMMY Ever have that potato sausage? pretty good my Girl's ex gave us some once and it was pretty tasty!
  4. Wayne J.

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    Just remember, your first deer is the hardest one to get. Have patience and dont give up. good luck and good hunting.:cool2:
  5. ladyfish50

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    Congrats on your test, John. And good luck this year. I'm glad to hear somebody so excited about hunting. But they are right; sometimes that 1st deer is hard to get...even though one of my grandsons got his first one last year after only 30 minutes in the stand!! Lucky kid! But, his brother had to go on 10 hunts before he got his--which he finally did! That boy learned alot more, because he had to wait so long for his. And they both learned about letting some deer walk;watching them feed, etc.
    So..make lots of good memories & let us know how you do!! Go get em!!:004: