Can't catch crappie for anything

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    Ok heres the story boys supposedly there are crappie located in my pond... Ive fished there for years, never caught one... Whats the secret? Am I missing something? If Im going for small fish like crappie or gills I usually use earthworms and bobber... Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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    This time of year the crappie are deep and schooled tight! As it warms up your chances will improve! Try nightcrawlers, small live minnows or crappie jigs with a piece of worm! Presentation should be slow! Drop shotting (weight below and hook eye, on mainline) is becoming a popoular method as well!

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    How to Fish for Them:
    They prefer undisturbed waters, so in windy conditions, you'll have to go deeper. During the spawn, they school up, so find the depth they are hanging at, then stay there until you quite catching fish. Try to re-depth them. They prefer brush and rocks, but sometimes you don't know it's down there, so you have to troll around very slowly until you find them. Often, they will bite so lightly, it's difficult to feel. Pay close attention and hit short and sharp, but not too hard. Short-jerk your lure frequently while trolling.
    Area to Fish:
    Almost anywhere. Steep banks, around brush and rocks and submerged structure. Sometimes you'll find a school out in the middle of the lake, or some hefty singles while trolling.
    Best Baits/Lures:
    Use light lines, ultra-light tackle if you want to cast far. It also helps to feel the bite if you use light lines, 4lb-test is my favorite. Use tiny lures with perhaps a teeny piece of worm on the hook. Or, bobber-fish, but watch it closely. Use a small jig straight under you and jig up and down in sharp, little jerks. Don't make boat noises. Minnows, worms work great, also: fly spinner combinations.
    Water Temperature for Prime Fishing:
    55-75 degrees F.
    Best Time of Day for Fishing:
    Spring: dawn, early morning, late afternoon and dusk
    Summer: dawn, dusk and at night
    Fall: late afternoon and dusk
    Winter: During the day
    Where are They?
    Here are just a few places to look:
    Panhandle Region: Black Lake, Bonner Lake, Cocolalla Lake, Coeur d'Alene Lake, Freeman Lake, Hauser Lake, Killarney Lake, Pend Oreille Lake, Round Lake (Bonner County), Thompson Lake, Twin Lake - Upper and Lower (All these also have pumpkinseeds), Kootenai River - Below Bonners Ferry, Pend Oreille River,
    Clearwater Region: Moose Creek Reservoir (also has pumkinseeds), Soldiers Meadow Reservoir, Winchester Lake, Snake River to Salmon River
    Southwest Region, North Half: Black Canyon Reservoir, Brownlee Reservoir, C. Ben Ross Reservoir, Cascade Reservoir, Mann Creek Reservoir, Oxbow Reservoir, Paddock Valley Reservoir, Sawyers Pond, Snake River - below Black Canyon Reservoir
    Southwest Region, South Half: Caldwell Ponds, C. J. Strike Reservoir, Cove Arm Reservoir, Indian Creek Reservoir, Boise River - Lucky Peak to Middleton, Snake River
    Magic Valley Region: Bray Lake, Milner Reservoir, Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir
    Southeast Region: None
    Upper Snake Region: None
    Salmon Region: None

    Best Books on Crappie:
    Crappie Wisdom
    Crappie Tactics
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    THank you both very much your help is much appreciated!