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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Howie Ketchdem, Oct 6, 2007.

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    I went out fishing last night took "impac209" (randy from b.o.c) we hit the first spot he got 1 channel bout 4 lbs in about 5 mins. i had one run missed him though, we left that spot after about 1hr went to another spot I caught 2 cahnnels both around 4 lbs and lost a pig that wrapped me up in the sticks. we left that spot to go to another local spot which i wantede to make my second stop insted of my third but its hard getting down to the river in this particular spot so i put it off until the third stop and boy was that a good choice. this spot im talking about is out in the middle of know where and runs right along a road i fish where the road comes to a 90 degree turn right into the river. well sombody decided to park there full size chevy van right in the river!!!LOL well he did not actually make it in the drink but he could not have been any closer!!! the kid was hammered drunk and we stopped to offer any help but he was fine but the van was totaled shaped like a bananna broken rear end and the rear quarter panel was smushed into the tire bad, he kept saying pull me out "ill just drive home" after laughing at his drunken idea to atemp to drive again his friend pulled up in a ford f350 diesel and yanked this van like a rag doll out of the trees which had stopped him from making some sweet catfish cover for me LOL. This kid fires up the chevy van a proceeds to drive this thing that looks like it had just left a nuclear war test zone with two flat tires,all windows exploded when collision with trees,1/4 panel grinding on the tire,rearend bent like a pretzel and still drunk of corse. Morral of this storey here is buy a CHEVY cause those things are unstopable. but that was my exitement for the night oh and one more little detail this was the kids parents van. got a feeling he got whooped when he got home. we followed him for three miles on the way to the next fishing spot he looked like a cowboy riding a bull in that van it was hilarious to watch that van was bucking like a bronco...LMAO. he hit the tree i sit right directly below when i fish there that is the part that is not so funny at all i would have messed my droors if i would have been sitting down there......thanks for listening -mickey
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    lol, now that's some added entertainment. Thanks for the laugh : )

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    holy moly your a lucky man! you shoulda tossed that drunk plucker in the river to sober him up dude and tossed the keys when he wasnt looking. the things you see when you dont have a vid handy, eh mickey. thx for the entertaining story bro.
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    maybe you cant believe it but i can, sounds exactly like something my cousin has done more than once:roll_eyes:


    Alma Kansas
    GREAT STORY MICKEY. THANKS GIVING US A GOOD LAUGH.:smile2::eek:oooh::tounge_out::smile2:
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    You got lucky that night! Personally i woulda held him there by force if i had too and called the police, i have no mercy for drunk drivers weather they be kids or adults, if i see'em they are heading to the slammer! Just be glad the fish were biting at those other holes and you wernt sittin there!
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    Thanks for the story mick.
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    Im going to photoshop and lighten them up a lil later I still got a pic for joe, I've just been busy.

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