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Discussion in 'Kayaker and Canoe Fishing' started by stumpjumper, Sep 20, 2007.

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    I used to exclusively fish for flatheads from a canoe. The hole we fished was tucked back aways and required navigating a shallow rugged strectch of river. I have never seen anyone use a motor on this river in the 14 years I fished it. Anyway, it sure is a hoot fighting a big flathead from a canoe. A couple years ago my buddy dozed off around 4am and got a little too comfortable. Sure enough, the clicker on his 6500 started to peel. When he jerked to grab the rod the canoe tipped! Man that sucked. All our expensive tackle, camera, etc. floating down the river. That hole is spooky enough let alone swimming at in the middle of the night. Well, we recovered everything accept one combo and, needless to say, were wide awake for breakfast. Oh, and we never did get the fish.
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    Excellent Story!:smile2:

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    Whoa...I just hate it when that happens!

    One good thing about the new angler kayak designs out there is that they have very good stability. You have to watch yourself, though!