cannelton / rough river dam

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    cannelton is doing better, water has dropped about 10 ft and is sitting around 19ft but very dirty. alot of debris floating above and below surface. water temp 39.5 and couldnt get a solid depth reading, the sonar did however pick up a few fish in about 50ft or so.

    rough river dam is pumping hard getting the lake to winter pool. the latest report today was crappie and stripper are hitting however we didnt see any sign that, that was true! could be decent alternative while we wait for the river to shape up! good luck and hope to see you in hawesville on the 18th.
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    Harrods Creek, Kentucky
    Myself and three buddies made the trip to rough for the nice weather on Thursday only to find there was a 3 inch sheet of ice over the lake, we went to spillway which was the only body of water that was fishable. We fised for over 4 hours and didnt see a person pull anything out. I fished for everything, Crappie, Catfish, and Stripper. We also walked about a half mile down the river. Thought I might save some one a trip with this post.

    Good Luck