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Discussion in 'INDIANA RIVERS TALK' started by Eric-t, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Eric-t

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    Salem, Indiana
    I'm supposed to fish a club tourney this saturday at Cannelton. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. metalman

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    fresh shad or skipjack is your best bet. If you are in a boat then look for fish on the graph along the slope of the drop off. If you are shore bound it more chuck-and-chance-it. Put your baits at different distances from shore. cast around and see if you can find the edge of the drop off. Put a bait close in, try to get one on the edge and try to get one over the edge onto the slope...W

  3. LilRyjoe04

    LilRyjoe04 New Member

    Good luck at the tourney Eric! I am with metal man, use cut skipjack or cut shad for the big blues and I would use bluegills and goldfish for the flat heads. If you use goldfish hook them through the eyes, they will stay alive for a long time, but if you are using bluegills just hook them through their back right behind their dorsal fin. If you are going after channels, I would use chicken livers, but I would dry them out in the sun with garlic salt, this will keep them on the hook better and you might even want to get thread and tie them on. I always use Circle hooks too. Not everyone uses them but they have worked well for me. When you use circle hooks, you don't need to set the hook. You can just leave your rod in the rod holder and wait till it bends over, pick it up and start reeling. You can find circle hooks at just about every bait shop or I'm sure they sell them on this website. Hope this info helps. Good Luck Man!!