Cannelton dam

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  1. bcrazybird7

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    Is the any good shoreline fishing at the dam? If this is a good spot where should I go? Never been there and need some info on the place. Any advise would be great. Thanks
  2. dusky

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    I've seen people fishing the Cannelton Dam, mostly on the KY side, all along the beach there and downstream. I'm sure they catch them there, even if I haven't. On the IN side, the riprap by the lock is pretty steep, but you might be able to fish from there. I think I've seen others fishing there. I've only fished from a boat there, but you might be able to cast out far enough to where I caught them. I caught blues at the very end of the lock, the entrance that is. If you can get out into the current there, that's best. And it's forty five foot deep there, so let out plenty of line for your bait to fall down. Just downstream from there, the back of the washout, the channel gets to 20ft deep. I caught channel cat there. So, fish at the downstream end of the lock and the next 1/4 mile down from there. Cast out as far as you can... that's where I've caught them anyhow. Good luck!