Cannelton 3-22-09

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  1. John Jennings

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    Alright so once again the cannelton report is as follows.

    Morning Temp 35
    afternoon Temp 66

    wind 8mph W

    Water level 19.2ft and falling

    end result 1 8lb stripper on bluegill cut bait and a 15 pound blue on carp cut bait. 1 small stripper on nightcrawler at the mouth of the small creek that is formed when the water is up on the kentucky side. there were alot of people boat and bank fishing in the opening to the lock, but that takes more balls than what I have. I am hoping for more sunshine, higher temps and less rain. the river level needs to stabilize and clear up. there are some good fish being pulled but slow and seldom right now. I am throwing 8oz egg sinkers on 80lb test fireline tracer and it's a struggle in the current at times. I am also using 2 15lb anchors with some success "1 on each side" to try and slow my drift. The lock master is really keeping an eye on the red line so beware. Good luck to all and be safe!

    try again next weekend!