Canned peaches

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    ok so it's late and Im stuck folding laundry (tmi sorry bout that) and I've got good eats on the tube and its the episode about peaches.Which brings back fond memories of my childhood. running the 3 wheelers thru my friends sisters pear & peach orchard. Learning to shoot for the first time which was a 22 rifle against cans & ground hogs in said orchard. And also for the Canned peaches we used to pig out on during sleep overs. Sweet syrup and juicy succulent peaches within the ball jar. How you can peaches? those things in the tin cans from del monte & dole, pale in comparison to the peaches of my youth. I wouldnt mind going to a farm stand (like i do now during the summer) for a bushel. I prefer farm stands for fresh fruits & veggies. nothing better then fresh picked & locally raised.
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    My parents had a non-traditional canning method. These had to be refrigerated afterward. The basic steps were as follows:

    1. Peel and pit peaches.

    2. Prepare simple syrup (water and sugar).

    3. Add peaches to syrup and bring to a boil.

    4. Add corn starch solution to thicken.

    5. Place in canning jars and seal.

    6. Allow to cool, and then refrigerate.

    -- Rich