Caney River around Collinsville

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    Antlers, OK
    Does anyone know of access to the Caney River around Collinsville? Kinda new to the area and thought it looked inviting. The banks look pretty steep and muddy around the bridge on 169, hadn't pulled off to get a closer look though. Just by looking at it, it looks to be a promising little river to fish. Read some of the old threads on here and most of them pertained to the fishing closer to Bartlesville. If anyone can throw me a bone on some good fishing in the river or at Oologah I'd appreciate the tips. I am land locked until I can find me a decent little *cheap* jon boat on craigslist or something.

    Oh, I also went and checked out the south edge of Goose Island at Oologah last weekend. It appeared to be pretty rocky and a decent drop off. Anyone ever pull many flatheads outta there?
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    I'm afriad that you'll find pretty limited access to the caney in your area. Pretty much all the river that way is all on private land but ya might be able to get some access by knocking on a few doors. There's fish to be had there access is the only hamper. Bridges are pretty much the only access point and those are iffy on safety, and ownership. Good Luck.

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    Cant tell you about the Caney but I used to fish oolagah a lot and my favorite place was Tallala creek.Last time I was there it didnt look like many people use it.
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    I grew up fishing on the Caney by Ramona just south of Bartlesville. Lot of fish but all the land is private. Knock on doors and get to know the people and you will gain some good fishing spots. I have been gone for 35 yrs so I don't know anyone that has land there.
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    I have caught lots of channel cat and sand bass off the spot on goose island u are talking about but no flatheads
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    Ok I can help a little, I lived two miles north of collinsville for two years. I was always wanting to fish the river by boat, but needed a fishing buddy to make it happen. If you exit 169 and head west into collinsville just across the new bridge is old hwy 169. Head north out of town At one mile you will see the new animal shelter, one more mile the old hwy curves right (east) follow it about 1/8 mile and you'll cross that little river. I've seen people fish under the bridge their, but as for launching a small boat, probally not going to happen. so heres the second spot to check this is your next best bet. Go back to collinsville. On the West side of town theirs an S-curve in hwy 20 and maybe 19th st, (gas station on north east corner) head north out of town, once out of town that city road is renamed to a county road 113th E. Ave. I lived 2.5 north of that gas station. Anyway head north R/R at two miles, keep going north. Maybe 5 or 6 miles north of the S-curve theirs a split (Y) in the road. Well kinda a bridge makes it kinda a (T) intersection. Little house on the east side of the road right next to a small feeder creek. Don't head west you'll be on hwy 75 no where to fish that way. So round the bend just north or that small house and the rivers about 1 mile down the road. Can't miss it. At this location you'll see on the north side of the bridge where you can walk down to the river, it's a bit rocky, but that is it. I've drove those county roads until I could see the wal-mart Distribution center at Barttlesville. Third option is to drive to Oologha lake and put in below the damn. Thats about a 12 mile drive from Collinsville and you can get fishing reports on line at the link below. Well good luck