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    Went riding around today just to look at the Rollin Fork River in a few spots.She was up and running just perfect for catfishing made me wish it was a little warmer.Any young old timers like myself ever fish these smaller rivers.We try and go a few times each year.They are not very deep you might find a few 20' holes here and there.We mostley would set out limb lines and bank poles which covers alot of water.You get to know where mister wisker hangs out.It's nothing to catch 50 fish on these setups but let me tell you it's fun and work all at the same time.It's a all day and all night trip.Takes a few hours just to get everything ready you know poles,beer,limb lines,ice for beer,bait,cooler's for beer.Stuff to make a pot of chicken soup at your camp sight and last but not least a beer can cooler so your beer remains cold.It takes at least 4 beer lovers (i mean fisherman) to run the operation smoothly.One sets up camp and starts cooking the soup.The other three hop in the boat and off you go.This is where it pays to have one of those little coolers i think they are called a playmate that will hold at least 12 for it will take a few hours to set all your lines and its no fair letting the cook get all pie eyed while your doing all the hard work.Im the designated driver of the trolling motor drivin boat another one is in the middle who eaither hands out a cane pole or a limb line to the one in the very front.As the man in the front is eaither stabbing a cane pole in a mud bank or tying a limb line the one in the middle gets the bait ready for use on the setup.You place your sets up or down the river in the very best spots possible.It takes a skilled driver to maneuver in all the spots fighting currant,logs,snags and tree limbs the best spots to fish.Logs can turn you over snags hang you up and are not at all good on the trolling motor prop.But by far the worst is ramming low hanging tree limbs not only will they poke and scratch the hell out of you but we have had spiders,snakes and mean looking bugs fall into the boat and thats no good,beer has no effect on your emotions for you have no place to run.These are smaller rivers and most riffles are not deep enough for your boat so you get out and push and pull and head from hole to hole in that fashion setting lines all the way.By the time you get back to camp the soup is done the cook is pie eyed and glad your back for he thinks Big Foot has been watching him and he also tired of talking to himself.OK so now you sit back and relax for 2 or 3 hours join the cook in getting pie eyed and eating the best chicken soup ever made.After that go run your lines or collect your fish rebait and head back to camp.( Repeat)Relx,Eat,Drink,Collect,Rebait then back to camp all night giving 2 or 3 hours in between each time.Try to time your last run a few hours after daylight fish will bite very very good at dawn till around 10am.( PS. Know when to say when on the beer part) You'll feel like a zombie for staying up all night anyway and good lord bring a pair of sun glasses along for that morning sun will make you shy away like some sort of vampire.As you make your last run take all your setups out of the river and head back to camp.There you can stay awhile longer or not just be sure to cleanup before you leave.We will keep the 2 to 5 lb fish and release the rest that is one of the reasons to run your lines all night long. The other is Turtles will eat a catfish NO MATTER WHAT SIZE.The catfish will wear itself out trying to get away and is a easy meal then.One last word can you say FISHFRY.YUM YUM.:002:
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    Sounds great! When do we go? I can think of only one improvement: catfish gumbo and rice instead of chicken soup. Not that there's anything wrong with chicken soup, but IMO, gumbo's better. Of course, you could have chicken gumbo, but somehow catfish gumbo seems to fit the occasion better.

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    I'm ready tooo. I thought KY law say es you can't drink in a boat. Something about public places or such??? Have to get some can wraps. lol
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    That sounds like fun. The part about the pie eyed cook thinking big foot has been watching him made me laugh out loud. I can relate to that.:smile2: