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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Pastor E, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. Pastor E

    Pastor E New Member

    Beebe AR
    Hey i was wondering if any of you guys ever fish with a cane pole and what was the bigest fish you caugt on one mine was a bowfin around 4lbs thought I had a monster I was 10 or 11:cool2:
  2. Supafox

    Supafox New Member

    Hannibal MO
    I love to take a cane pole and go crappie/bluegille fishing it is fun.My biggest was about a 2.5# bass and yeah he was putting a work out on that pole.

  3. pk_powell

    pk_powell New Member

    I havn't been canepolin in years but I remember when I did it was lots of fun. I wonder,can you still buy canepoles?-----------pk powell:smile2:
  4. bubbasmouse

    bubbasmouse New Member

    Chesterfield South Carolina
    I've caught a seven pound bass on one. Have a friend who caught a 20 lb blue cat crappie fishing with a canepole.
  5. savage308

    savage308 New Member

    Victoria, Texas
    Man that brings back memories.... Used to use one all the time in ponds in oklahoma. Biggest "Bait" I caught on one was a 5lb bass..... Was just thinging this last weekend of getting a few canes for my kids to use....
  6. photocat

    photocat New Member

    HOCO, Maryland
    My largest has been a 14 inch Creek Chub... My girlfriend at the time was soo pissed too because she could not hook a fish and i was using my ultra light spinning rod and had caught a couple so i asked her if she wanted to switch so we did... she still didn't catch any and i pulled in this monster of a creek chub like 2 minutes later...

    Oh i guess i've caught some 14-18 inch carp on them too... I would stick it in the ground and just let it sit so that there was no motion to scare them off and the one i remember the most took the worm and made a b line for the center of the river (maybe 150 ft wide) and because there was only about 10 ft of line on the rod at best he shot him self into the air, setting the hook extremely well in his lip...

    I played around a bunch with bluegills at the camp i was working this summer... caught 25 or so in an hr to show the kids how simple it is (they still didn't listen to me and wanted to keep moving their baits instead of letting them sit so they caught very few, except for the ones finding 2" green sunfish in the rocks)

    As for buying cane poles, Most definitely you can buy them... but if you have any one in the area with bamboo growing, ask if you can take a pole or 2 to make some out of it... and if you buy one... don't use those rigs that they give you... its like 6 lb test thats been sitting there for years in those horrible containers and the bends are engrained in the memory of the line making them a horrible mess... Just go and use what ever fairly heavy line you've got (i used 40 on mine cause thats what we had at the camp) just so if you do get something big on it won't snap it...
  7. Redtick

    Redtick New Member

    Neoga, Illinois
    They have fiberglass poles that work the same as cane poles used to. They are around $5-6 at the Catfish Connection. I use them to daub for crappie in the Spring. I catch channels on them occasionally while fishing for crappie.
    You get a 2-3 pound channel on one it takes some skill (and luck) to get him in. I love using those poles. I catch my catfish bait with them, they are perfect for catching bluegill. My wife won't fish with anything else.
  8. grizzly

    grizzly New Member

    Griffithville, Arkansas
    I still use cane poles, mostly when I'm trolling for crappie. I've caught a lot of big gar and bowfin on them. I have bamboo growing next to my house. Anyone is welcome to have some for poles or gig handles. grizzly
  9. south_va_fisherman

    south_va_fisherman New Member

    Muddy Cross, Virginia
    oh man...canepoles! those things are fun. thats how i started my fishing career. they are perfect for panfish, and catching cat bait.
  10. Gibbzilla

    Gibbzilla New Member

    East Texas
    You can find em at Wal Mart in the fishin section for $2.50 per cane. I used them when I was younger, and once caught a 3# cat on a meal worm.
  11. JReed

    JReed New Member

    Lima, Ohio
    I was about 4 or 5 years old. My dad took me fishing and I got a 3 or 4lb channel. I was the only one to catch a fish that day.
  12. buddah

    buddah New Member

    Pennsylvania Wi
    I havn't used one in quite some time but, I am, However, learning to build the split-cane rods. Really arduous at best! LOL! :lol:
  13. Bobpaul

    Bobpaul New Member

    Supply NC
    The biggest channel cat I ever saw caught, was caught on a cane pole/live minnow, while drift fishing Crescent Lake in Fl, by an elderly woman and her husband. They were crappie fishing.

    Estimated fish weight in the 10# range.