Cancer and Dogs

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    I never really thought about it till it was to late. We found out two weeks ago that our twelve year old Alaskan Malamute Makayla had breast cancer. You read it right, breast cancer.She has always been a very healthy active dog. I just got done brushing out her winter coat. It took a very long time this year. I think that they keep some for insulation from the heat, any way, She went in for her rabies vaccine two weeks ago and our vet found a lump. She told us what it probably was and what we should do, but it was already to late. I thought we had a little time to watch and research it and treat her for a few more years before it got real bad, but it is merciless and voracious. In two weeks time more lumps by Friday night one lump had burst, a very ugly sight. Well no Vets open so we called an emergency line and were counseled on what to do which wasn't much so Makayla took care of her self till Tuesday morning. It had advanced so far we knew what we had to do. The vet said she could give her some antibiotics and pain meds that would help her for a couple of months. No. She was not in a lot of pain yesterday, or at least she didn't show us and Tammy and I weren't going to wait till she was. Tammy held her head in her lap to be with her, but I couldn't stay in the room. I Went out to the hall and have been weeping ever since. If you are a dog owner do some research on cancer, it will open up your eyes. Female dogs are the most susceptible especially if they haven't been spayed. Makayla lived a long and good life, but how much did I take away from her by not looking after her as well as she looked after me and Tammy? Don't have any regrets or shed mournful tears like me. Get your pet to a Vet at least once a year and give them the benefit of good health and a long life that they deserve.
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    Netmanjack please accept my condolences for your beloved pet.Thank you for a very informative post. I shall heed your advice as I have 2 females. One is Spayed the other is not,but sure looks like she will get that way.~~~~~~Sister Pat:sad2:

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    I am thinking about you and your wife Jack. Found cancer in my German shorthair 3 yrs ago. Had several surgeries when new would pop up. Got a lump on his lungs which he lived with until I had to take him to the vet one night. He was having problems breathing. Put him down 2/4/08.

    Be awhile before I own another one. My thoughts are with you and your family.
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    Jack I'm Sorry for Your Loss,Dogs are Truly Mans Best Friend in this Old Mans Book.J.D.
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    Sorry to hear this Jack, we lost our rott a couple years back to cancer, Prayer to you all........
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    Sorry to hear it Jack. Sucks to lose your friend like that.

    I never wanted to neuter my male dogs. I kinda related to them that way, and it seemed cruel. I mean...I don't wanna be neutered right? My first female, I didn't wanna get her spayed because I thought I would like another litter from her sometime. She didn't live very long due to vaginitis that I don't think was properly treated. She never really recovered from it. My original vet never made an attempt to inform me of the problems that can come with an intact dog. My male developed cancer when he got older. The vet removed it. The wound never healed right, and the cancer soon returned. I ended up putting him down for that, and his disposition began to worsen.

    Anyways, after alot of problems some friends had with their pets at our local vet, we decided to change when we got a new pup. Our current vet explained all the problems that can occur by not spaying and neutering. They are alot more geared towards pets than large animals and livestock like our local vet. Not to knock the guy, he is just more of a farm vet, and that is fine, just not what we need for our pets...or at least that is what his attitude conveys even if he is more than qualified for dealing with pets. Just doesn't seem to care about their care or survival. Found a good vet that fits ours, and our dog's needs better.

    I am now a firm believer in spaying and neutering dogs. Partly because of potential temperament issues with intact dogs, and partly because of health risks, and partly because I no longer believe in back yard breeding. There's plenty of dogs that need good homes sitting in shelters, and there's responsible professional breeding programs. Either way, I no longer see any good reason not to have the family pet spayed or neutered.
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    Sorry for your lost it's like losing a family member
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    Lost Wages
    Prayers sent from Nevada.
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    if you can detect the lumps before hand next time on a different pet just give me a pm i went to cal poly and studied animal science for 2 yrs i was going to be a vet at one time even though i handled livestock for many years and can do alot with a cow or a horse i can also give you a oppinion on a dog
    i have treated snake bites from rattlers and even sewed up my dog 8 yrs ago after being hit and having his insides hanging out .
    i may not be the smartest in the bunch but when it comes to animals and animal medicine i study and keep up with the new stuff just in case i ever want to fullfill my dream of being a vet

    sorry for yopur loss and i feel your pain as loosing a dog is like loosing a family member in our house hold
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    sorry for your loss jack and i know what you went threw and what your going threw wife and i are big on saving brood gyps when they quit having babies.instead of leting their owners put them down we look after them.3 months ago we had 2,a french bulldog,and a rat terrier,come up with lumps so we took them to our vet and he did surgery on both far its been good but he said it would probably come back on both dogs.we do what we can and some times its best to just let go reguardless of how it makes us you we will take care of ours till the quanity of life is worse than the quality of life then ill be outside like you and my wife will be holding their heads like yours.
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    Sorry for your loss:sad2:
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    Know how you feel my friend. Lost mine 4/11/08 from Gushing Disease.:sad2: Another form of Cancer. She was only 11 yrs old. Like you gonna be awhile before I have another (if ever). Still miss her too much!! So you are in my thoughts.
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    i know how you feel jack i lost my female pekingnese 2 months ago
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    I`m sorry for your loss Jack , I`ve owned dogs my whole life and have lost dogs to disease , old age , etc. It`s never easy brother I have been there.
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    sorry for your wife and your loss of makayla . that is really sad . i have an old boston that is 13 yrs old not lookin forward to the day of the inevitable . he was neautered at 6 yrs old . or young boston isnt quite 2 yet and a relative wants him to breed their boston so he might be about
    likr the first one and let him keep em for a little while but they say they have a lot of problems if they dont get fixed or spayed . your right though a yearly visit is the least an owner can do for their best friends .
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    Sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. I know the feeling. We had an English Springer Spaniel that died from Liver Cancer. She was 10 yrs. old. Ginger was like a child to us. I still think about her. Jack! Your in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your head up buddy!! :wink:
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    Wow, Jack that is really sad.
    Don't be too hard on yourself; it's easy to look back and recriminate yourself with woulda, coulda, shoulda.
    You gave her the best life you could with what you knew. I've lost a few myself and currently have one in decline through old age.
    I feel for you buddy...W