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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by diodeman, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. diodeman

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    Benton Co. Mo.
    Our resort is over-run with 300 Canadian geese. Legally I want to hunt and eat them. So start me out with advice, I need it all where should I look? I have a 12 gauge shotgun so I have that, but that is all I have. I need lots of advice and resources. I need to know what shot to use, how to clean them, how to cook them. HELP! Thank you guys.
  2. mitchell

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    I use BB size shot. Most generally I filet the breast meat off and make jerky out of it. If your hunting over dry ground watch where the geese like to land and set up close to that the next day.My experince is they will hang out in the same general location each day. Also they will always land into the wind, so keep that in mind.

  3. center12

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    Better find out if season is still open on the honks!!

    Your best bet will be to find a goose hunter in your area, tell them you've got the birds if they have the gear.............then learn, learn, learn.
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    i know what you mean about being over-run! here in ohio they are freaking everywhere! they are in poples backyard ponds, all along the river-bike paths, i even seen a bunch hanging out in a walmart parking lot. they are leaving tons of droppings all over the place. the state seems to think relocating them is the solution....IDIOTS! they'll fly right back! i dont hunt but i wish the state would enact a no-limit on them and allow netting them too. if that bird flu gets over here we are gonna have a big problem with all these geese around!
  5. craddock1

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    the city of oak ridge seems to have had pretty good luck getting rid of geese. i dont know what they did but a couple of years ago i was in the shopping center over there. when we came out we heard about 100 geese coming our way with diahrea. my wife and i went back inside but after the storm was over we had to go streight to a car wash. every car in the parking lot was covered. i haven't seen very many geese there since.
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    If you are in Missouri - season is over until the fall. Sometimes if you talk to your local conservation agent you can get a nuisance hunt set up. The really good way to fix goose is to breast it out, cut it into bite size pieces, marinade it overnight, wrap it in bacon and grill it - now that is good eating! Usually we have a resident hunt in October and then regular season opens up with duck season... We do a lot of Missouri goose hunting, send us a message if you want some more info on how we hunt them.
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    Scottsdale Arizona
    I have noticed that the past few years there has been an influx of geese flying into my area. They mostly stay at the local ponds. Cant say that I have ever seen or heard of one staying in someones pool. However, several years ago there were a pair of Mallards who took up residence in our pool. They did this for two years in a row. They would fly in stay several weeks and then leave. It was kind of cool but they sure made a mess of our pool.
  8. N2Ducks

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    I've never hunted up north but I have hunted many canada geese in my day. Looks like your season for canada geese is over on 1/29 for the north zone and 1/31 for the middle and south zones. So your season is over until next fall. If you really want to get into goose hunting your going to have to get a goose call (with a calling cassette tape or CD), decoys (probably silhouette decoys mixed with some full bodies), and depending on what cover you have, a layout blind (I normally just use camo burlap to cover up). That will get you started. Now if you don't really want to dive right in, just get in touch with some of the outfitters in your area and tell them you have some land that has a bunch of geese on it. They will more than likley pay you for birds that they shoot and you can tag along and get some good experience. I would use BB up to 2 shot for geese. Just filet the breast meat, and the best way to eat it is jerky if you don't like the greasy taste of goose.
  9. TeamCatHazzard

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    Diodeman, Ill hunt with ya and bring ya everything you need! :) Always looking for a place "overrun" with geese and someone looking to get rid of em. BBB, BB, or 2's work best, I live Hevi-Shot myself but steel works too. As far as cleaning just pull the feathers back and filet the breast meat out. If its a resort and the birds are used to the area just put out a couple dekes and sit back. Oh and by the way the season is over so you will have to wait till next year! bummer:sad:
  10. DuckHunterChuck

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    i need help too!!! my goose hunting is horrible!! i try and fail, then fail some more!! ne 1 have any tips?
  11. duck_killr

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    Best Thing To Do Is Find Somebody Willing To Show You Rather Than Tell You. You Will Learn More By Experience Than Reading It. Im Sure You Will Not Have Any Trouble Getting Some Guns After Those Geese. Just Be Carefull Who You Hunt With.