Can you believe this?

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    This article was in the Times Reporter yestarday!

    Charles Snyder IV, 21, of Baltic recently was convicted of wildlife violations that included taking deer over the limit and falsifying information, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife.

    He was convicted of killing six deer in a county where the seasonal bag limit is three, taking more than one buck, falsely procuring a deer permit and two counts of providing false information to a deer check station.

    Wildlife officers said Snyder checked the excess deer that he killed under the names of family members.

    Snyder appeared in separate Tuscarawas County courts because the violations occurred in two different jurisdictions.

    In Tuscarawas County Court at Uhrichsville, Snyder was convicted of exceeding the deer bag limit and taking more than one buck. He was fined $1,000, sentenced to 10 days in jail and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service. He also lost his hunting privileges for three years and was placed on probation for two years.

    In New Philadelphia Municipal Court, he was convicted of falsely procuring a deer permit and two counts of providing false information to a deer check station. He was ordered to pay $1,500 in fines and restitution, serve one year of probation and forfeit the antlers from a second buck he killed in violation of Ohio hunting laws.

    The Division of Wildlife encouraged anyone who is aware of possible violation of wildlife laws to call the Turn In a Poacher line at (800) 762-2437. Callers may remain anonymous.
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    Must be the bleeding heart court system letting him off so easy. I can somewhat see more leniency being granted when the offense calls for jail time, as it does cost the states/feds to feed and clothes the inmates. Jailing him for poaching seems to be quite a bit. I believe in Oklahoma he would not have been as fortunate as he would have also forfeited anything which enabled him to violate the game law, including his weapon and the vehicle he was driving. Then, add in the dollar fine, and he has a sizable punishment - but they still poach in Oklahoma too.

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    Definatly not enough punishment. Thanks for sharing.
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    Serves him right but should have been more like picking up trash with a sign on his back for a :angry: few months
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    :0a27: :0a27: :0a27: :0a27: :0a24: It want do any good to say more. Leaves one angry.
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    I am not sure that it matters, but the young man in question may be Amish. Baltic is right in the middle of the largest Amish area in Ohio. I am not making excuses, but it would be interesting to see if he was hunting for thrills or putting up meat.
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    Now Shawn thats a fine point!. I know folks who have taken deer out of season to put food on the table and to 100% honest I wouldnt hesitate for a minute to pop a deer if it ment my family would it because of it .and it wouldnt matter to me if it were a buck or a doe either
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    Interesting read.
    I wonder what they will do for a second offence?
    Artical did't mention anything about him being Amish, hungry,or about Indians that have to buy a hunting license.:lol:
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    i've got a tattoo or three

    let me know if anyone wants name's of good shops around the dayton area
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    good point!!! Been there done that. Few years back, out of work, a wife and six kids. I'm sorry but them things are made out of meat. Now If he just did it for chits and giggles, that's a whole different story.

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    The DEC in my area would have a problem catching a cold. The Poachers in my area are living high on the hog. You need to be careful trying to put a stop to it. Posted my lease and wound up nose to nose with a family of them. Things may have been different if we weren't all armed.
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    Thats why in NC , the smart poachers drive an old beater and leave the 35,000 dollar pickup in the garage.
    Generally they forfeit hunting and fishing licenses for 3 years and pay a "restoration" fee for the animal or animals and of course the 75 model Cadillac they were driving which they can buy back.

    Once in awhile you hear of the not so bright teen caught driving dad's truck or the truck dad bought him.