Can skipjack lower oil prices????

Discussion in 'Skipjack Herring' started by MSgtCatfish, Jun 2, 2008.

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    Man I know there are some smart catmen out there reading posts. Well here is my challenge to you all - is there a way we can extract oil from skipjack to replace crude oil - can the oil of skipjack be refined into gas? If we could figure that out, catmen could potentially run the world LOL! We'll start an organization called OSOEC. Organization of Skipjack Oil Exporting Countries.

    What do you think?
  2. peewee williams

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    I think some folk have been getting everything they can out of fish oils for thousands of years.

    Over harvest of the oily fishes throughout the world in fresh and saltwater has been a problem for years.I presently have a gallon of Menhaden(a shad) fish oil which I bought at Bass Pro in Savannah Georgia when they first opened.Oils from fish have been used by man for thousands of years it is believed.Fish meal was a by product after oil extraction.It use to be so cheap that we bought and fed it to the Hogs 50 years ago.

    Fish meal was used to bait Shrimp and as a supplement in the feeding of reptiles in the 90's.This is what I last used it for.It made my lizards of all type far more healthy in my belief.I still have about a pint of it somewhere I think.

    Many folk my age were fed "Cod Liver Oil".Ugh!It would make your or your dogs & cats hair shine!It was fed to show animals for this purpose.

    The oil and meal is a great attractant for chumming fish or baiting animals.A little will bring hogs to Bears for miles!

    There is nothing to keep you from pouring some in your crankcase or gas tank and letting everyone know the results.It is still far more expensive than petroleum gas and oil.

    I wish you the best of luck.You will need it with the smell.Now Petroleum Crude don't smell great either!

    I love you Brothers and Sisters,peewee

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    James I would hate to see some of these large gas guzzlers using up all my skipjacks. Open up the Alaskan wells. Enough oil to last two hundred years. I for one am tired of letting the bureaucrats take all of our assets.