Can it get worse?

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  1. Love Them Cats

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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    Man, I hope the last couple of weeks has been better for you then they have been for me?

    Last Wed., we were out mowing and I decided to go to Wal Mart and get one of them small swimming pools so we could cool off a bit?
    The instructions said the pool would be ready to add water in about ten minutes, I thought we could do this?

    An hour after we started, we were ready to start adding water.
    While the pool was filling, we fixed supper, which I don't remember doing?
    Once the pool was full and we had supper, we decided to get in a while?
    I don't know how long we were in the pool, but I had an asthma attack and couldn't breath?

    Sis called 911 and they sent an ambulance and the only thing I remember is people trying to stick me with needles and sticking that mask over my face, which I didn't like? I guess they won, because I left the hospital OK?

    Now, while they were loading me in the ambulance, my future son in law was changing one of my tires that was flat, and putting on one of them donut spares, (I was going to have the flat tire fixed the next morning).
    I was finally released from the hospital sometime between 12:30 and 2:30, and on the way home I hit some hole and busted the donut spare tire, but we were able to make it home on it?

    That all happened last week.

    This week:
    Monday, we had a dinner planned at work and I decide to run to Wall Mart and buy something instead of fixing something?
    When I was ready to leave, I put the car in reverse and it went about three feet and died?
    The fuel gage showed it had a half a tank, but it acted like it had run out of gas?

    I went back into Wall Mart and bought a gas can and walked to the gas station to get some gas. I got back to the car, put the gas in and it started up.
    The car was cutting out real bad, but I made it to the gas station lot and it died and I just coasted to one of the pumps. I just thought it was out of gas, so I filled it up and got ready to go to work and it wouldn't start?

    I called AAA and they said they would have someone there in 30 - 40 minutes since I was blocking one of the pumps?
    I sat there for almost 2 hours (on one of the hottest days this year) waiting for the tow truck.
    I think it was the fuel pump that went out and now I have to figure out how to drain all that gas so I can remove the fuel tank?

    I was planning on going fishing tomorrow, but the car will be in the shop and I wont make it?

    Other then all of that, things have been great?

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    Dang the luck Ken, I cant say my week was worse but you made it out alive so thats a blessing.

  3. Cheryl

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    I have a little magnet on my fridge that I think about alot, and it says:

    Any day above ground, is a good day.

    Becky gave it to me many years back. Shows a mummy getting out of a coffin.

    I sure hope your days ahead are happier and healthier.
  4. pk_powell

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    I am terribly sorry you had all these troubles but at least you survived your asthma attack and as Cheryl said any day above ground is a great day! Praises to the God of Heaven you survived your severe asthma attack!!:smile2::wink:
  5. trippyclwn

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    Chattanooga, Tn
    you sound like you have my kind of luck man! i hope everything is going better for you now, my daughter has had those asthma attacks like that luckily we had an inhaler and her cough medicine (she is 7) but we still take her to the emergency room when it gets bad.
    i dont know what is going on with this world and all the germs and diseases but kids these days are getting asthma a lot worse than ever before! there were at least 3 kids in her class this year that had to take inhalers to school along with her!
    could it be the ozone depletion is causing normal bad germ fighters to not be as effective or is it pollution getting worse? im not sure but try explaining to your 7 year old whay she has to suffer from such a thing, it breaks my heart everytime she starts coughing from it and there isnt much to do about it except inhalers and if over used it can cause harm to her lungs!
    i look up to all the people with asthma and hope all is well and that you dont suffer like she has to.
  6. Love Them Cats

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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    Thanks Guys and Gals!

    I'm still having a lot of problems with my asthma, and can't breath very good, but I haven't had to go back in the hospital, yet?

    My car, I was looking at it Wed. to see how hard it was going to be to drop the gas tank?
    I tried for almost an hour to find a way to drain the gas, without punching a hole in it?
    I finally gave up and went to a local mechanic to see what he would charge to change the pump? He told me anywhere from $90 to $150 :0a28:depending on how long it took? I told him I would have the car over the next morning?

    Thurs. morning, I called AAA to have the car towed to the garage, and yep, it took about an hour and a half for them to arrive, and it was the same guy that towed me home Mon..
    We got the car over there and dropped it off and the mechanic told me as soon as they got done with what they were working on, they would start on it?

    My Daughter and her boyfriend followed us over there and I told them I was going to stick around a little while. Her boyfriend was wanting to go look for another job and wanted to get some applications, so I told the to go on?

    About 30 minutes later, I got tired of waiting so I decided to just walk home, which was only about 6 blocks?
    I got home and realized, I didn't have a house key:0a28:, because I give all my keys to the mechanic, so I was stuck outside?

    I tried calling my Daughter, but she was out of time and the call would not go through? I decided to call and have time put on her phone?
    I reached in my pocket to get my pen and found out I didn't have one and I needed it to write down her phone number because I couldn't remember what it was, when I call her, I just hit 2 and it calls.
    I was in the garage earlier and I thought I might have left it open and sure enough I did?
    I found a nail and wrote her number in the sheet rock :0a24:so I would have it when I called to put time on her phone.

    I called and was put on hold for 5 minutes or so and finally someone answered and I told her what I wanted to do and she said she would have to transfer me to the right department. I was on hold for another 5 minutes or so and was disconnected.

    I called back and was hold for a little while and someone answered, and I told her again what I wanted to do, and she put me on hold while she transferred the call again. I don't know how long I was on hold this time, but another lady answered and I told her what I wanted to do and she said I had the wrong department and she would transfer me to the correct department?
    After almost an hour, I reached the correct department and was able to get time put on her phone.

    I called my daughter and by that time they were headed home and only about a block away.
    By the time I finally got in the house, I thought we were going to have to call 911 again, but once I got in and cooled down I was OK?

    The good news!
    I went to check on the car around 3:30 and they had it fixed and he only charged me $70 to change the fuel pump.:0a1:

    I learned a good lessen, to never leave my house key with the rest of my keys!

  7. Love Them Cats

    Love Them Cats New Member

    Vinita, Oklahoma

    I feel for your Daughter and any kid that has to deal with it?

    I haven't had to use an inhaler the last couple years. I still had trouble with it, but not like I have this year?

    It does seem there are a lot more kids now days with asthma and allergies?
    I have both and it is a pain to live with?

  8. Dreadnaught

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    Ken, sounds like both of the first incedents started at Walmart, Avoid that place when possible, LOL!!!J/K

    I hope things get better for you soon, hang in there!!!
  9. Love Them Cats

    Love Them Cats New Member

    Vinita, Oklahoma
    I had to there last night and I was a little worried until I left the parking lot.

  10. zappaf19

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    And I thought my luck was bad! Hang in there buddy it has to get better.
  11. Mi11er

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    Independence, M
    sounds like maybe you should just stay indoors for a while:big_smile: but sorry your having such a bad time of it lately. Hope it gets better
  12. bwhupp

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    Asthma and Allergies.. terrible stuff that is! I feel for ya... I have bad allergies and a very mild case of asthma. Hot days and the pollution levels of St Louis area tend to keep me indoors on those occassions so I can breathe a little easier.

    Take care of yourself!
  13. Hope

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    Before I saw this, had just posted to you over on the Ok. board, askin how it went at Little Blue...
    Guess you've been too busy to find out :eek:oooh: wow- and I thought we were tied up around here! Sure hope you're feelin better (wonder if part of it is mold after all that rain)
    and it's smoother sailing for you now.

    Have a much better week! :tounge_out: