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I was foraging through my garage this weekend and came across some reels that I haven't used any time recently. So here they are: All prices are FIRM plus shipping. Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail (around $8.00 a reel), unless someone buys all of them, then probably UPS.

Daiwa Emcast Sport 5500 spinning reel--New, never seen the water, been in the garage for a year. 290yds of 20lb/200yds of 30lb, 8 bearings and Instant Anti-reverse, Aluminum spools, spare spool. Bass Pro sells for $65. $50.00

Daiwa Regal 4550 Baitrunner spinning reel--Used, but excellent condition. Rear drag reel, 2 bearings, with Baitrunner feature. Aluminum spool. Drag is pretty good for a rear drag reel. I paid $50 for it last year, but never used it. 295 yds of 14lb/190yds of 20lb. $40.00

TICA Streamstar 4550 spinning reel--New, never been on the water. Basic reel, 1 bearing, 265yds of 14lb line. Graphite spool. Paid $20 for it new. $10.00

Cabela's Salt Striker SS50 spinning reel--Used and excellent condition. 9 bearings, 240yds of 15lb. Instant Anti-reverse, aluminum spool with titanium lip. Retail at Cabela's is $45. $30.00

Shakespeare Tidewater 70 Baitfeeder spinning reel--Used, good condition. A little rash but not much. 3 bearings, baitfeeder feature, Instant Anti-reverse, 200yds of 20lb. Retailed for $50 new. $25.00

Ocean Master 25 Lever Drag conventional reel--Bass Pro branded reel similar to a Shimano TLD reel. Lever drag, 600yds of 30lb, 3.6-1 gear ratio. I bought it used (locally) for $100 last year, for a trip to coast that just isn't going to happen any time soon. Guy I bought it from only spooled line on it and said he'd never fished it, and I believe him. It doesn't seem to have been fished at all. Bass Pro sold it new for $120.


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