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    :smile2: Well McQ the cabin thing is not looking good so we are looking at 5th wheel trailors.Years ago we camped and the new trailors are sure nice.My question for all is where is the best camping.I know about Delabar and Big River is there more and what is the cost per year if that is possable to do.The reason i asked McQ is he said he has a motor home and fishes up where i do anyone else know of camping between Dallas City and Kiethsburg. Thanks guys John(Ole Bullhead)Hagen
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    Sorry about the cabin. We too have stayed at Delabar and Big River, and some islands. Once we stayed at the Keithsburg campground we found a home (although we only go once or twice a month). The boat ramps, rest rooms, showers are basic but nice. Paul the campground manager does a good job of keeping everything clean.

    I think the fishing is ok to good there. Off the bank fishing isn't going to land any trophies there. I don't know why but I have never seen a decient fish caught there.

    There are about 15 or 20 sites that you can pull right up to the water but some can be unlevel. They have some cement pads poured on the 2nd row back from the water. That seems like a popular spot for the 5th wheels. You still have a good view and are only about 30 yards away from the water.

    The cost is 14.00 a night for water lots and I think the 2nd row with the cement is 10.00 or 12.00. The people are usually very friendly and a lot of the same people stay there all summer. For 14.00 a night we just stay three or 4 days. A 5th wheel is an awesome choice, very simular to home life. I would like to be in a position to get one but I need to pull a boat so we had to have a motorhome.

    Also they have a Casey's a couple blocks away and some restraunts which makes that area nice.

    John this probabaly isn't an option for you but a lot of people take advantage of Keithsburg's free parking lot for Rv's. It's very unique and although its not guarded, I have never even heard a story of any theifts or vandalism coming from that lot. It's only a couple blocks from the campground and you can just pull your rv up there and leave it for the week (free) or month and when your are ready to camp just go down to the lot and pick it up. With the price of fuel it will be very popular this summer, I'm sure.

    With such a nice 5th wheel your probably not going to do that and I don't blame you. It make good $$ sense but there is something about paying 30+ for an RV and leaving it out of sight.

    Well if you should decide to come to keithsburg, let me know when and maybe we can go run some bank poles if our weekends match up. We already have our calander planned for the most part. Hope this helps a little.

    You can always email me direct a,

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    Don't know if you checked out Shokakon or heapville for a cabin as there are almost always cabins for sale . They are for the most part on leased land though . Both have ramps for putting in . On the iowa side there are some camp grounds no idea why Illinois doesn't have some .