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    It may not have been a BOC gathering, but hey, it sure beat staying home! We went out Thursday night and came home Sunday morning. We had a pretty good trip overall, despite the idiots camped in the space next to us taking full advantage of there being no camp manager like there would be at a paid campground... Me and the ol' lady took our 2 boys (8 and 3), hooked up with our friends who have 2 girls 12 and 6) and a boy (10) of their own, went out to one of the local reserviors with a free camp gound and got a site right on the shore about 20 feet from the water. The kids all had a blast. I spent more time chasing poles and untangling snarls, baiting hooks and trying to free up snagged hooks than anything else. First evening I put a spinner on my oldest sons pole and gave it a couple test casts to make sure it wasn't going to birdnest on him. When I reeled in on the 2nd cast I hooked into a real nice 2 pound bass! Handed it over and told him to reel in his fish, and at the first tug his eyes about popped outa his head! That's the biggest fish he'd ever reeled in!! I landed it for him and got a pic, but that was the only fish that bit on the first day out.

    2nd day our friends son's buddy (16) was brought out by his folks to join us. He had never caught a fish in his life. Don't know if he'd ever held a fishing rod to be honest! That day I was running a spinner and hooked into a nice fish on my ultralight gear. Thought for sure it was a bass, but when I landed it I found the biggest bluegill I'd ever hooked!! Probably close to 2 pounds! Later that night I had some of the kids rigged for catfishing, although we'd had no luck the first night. Around 10 the kid who came out and joined us got a good hit and he fought in a nice fish only to discover the dang thing was a BASS! Dang thing was probably 3 and a half pounds, a good 1/3 heftier than the one I'd hooked for my son the first day, and it had taken anchove off the bottom!! Blew my mind! That was a first for me! Awesome first fish for any kid, but that was a helluva way to get it, LOL! Got some pics for him and his folks and shortly after that the kids all went of to bed leaving me and Kieth to fish. I hooked a few sacramento river pike minnows about 6 to 9 inches, but no cats again...

    Next day nothing, and nothing in the evening, but me, Kieth, and the kids friend who had joiuned us on the 2nd day (who was now hooked on fishing after his first catch!) stayed out a while and tried again for catfish. I started hooking fish and brought in another pike minow, while Kieth hooked into a skinny carp, and finally I scored a decent little eater chanel cat. Brandon (the kid) called it quits and left it to me and Kieth, and I pulled in a nice big bullhead cat, a pretty big pike minnow (about 20 inches long) and another eater sized channel cat before calling it quits and heading off to the tent for the night, or at least what little was left of it. Broke camp about 7 AM and headed back to town.

    We're all exhausted, sunburned, and sore, but overall it was an awesome trip. I sincerely hope next time we'll go someplace and pay the $14 / night for a space where there is a camp manager and we won't have to risk a brawl with drunken idiots thumping gangster rap and mariache music til after midnight again, waking our kids repeatedly, and having the audacity to tell us that if we don't like it WE should go home... But I'm trying to overlook that part of the trip, LOL! It was all I could do to keep myself from going out and finding them a nice plump rattle snake to drop into their camp while they slept, but my gal was pretty steadfast on not letting me do that, and the fact that they had kids was a pretty big deterent. Might have just gone and done it if they had not brought kids. Anyhow, plumbing in the camp ground would be nice for the gals too next time. The first thing to mind when I walked into that outhouse style bathroom in the center of the camp grounds was "WHAT THE FLY-SWATTER?!"

    Like I said, overall, it was a great trip, and I'm looking forward to getting to go out on at least one more this summer when some family comes up from Sacramento for a visit. I just hope I recover fully from THIS one first! As much as I LOVE doing this stuff, the phrase "I'm getting too old for this ****!" seems to be on the tip of my tongue all to often when the aches and pains set in, LOL! If it wasn't for the fact that I spent most of the 3 days chasing after 6 kids ranging from 3 to 16, I think I would not have felt so dang ROUGH when it was over!! But getting kids out there and teaching them the ins and outs and getting them interested in fishing was mostly what this trip was about for me, and I got plenty of that done I think! :big_smile:
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    Hey Allen,
    It sounds to me like you all had a nice time out there, & I bet it wont be the last time you guys get out there & do it all again.
    (Without the idiots next to you) LoL
    I like to read about people & there camping trips.
    Great report & thanks for sharing it with all of us here Buddy. :0a23::006:

    Take It Easy,
    Bert :cool2: & Shania:0010:(Granddaughter)

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    Nothing more fun than taking kids to fish.
    When I take them out on my boat I work harder than any other time but it's well worth it to see them working a fish.
    Next time you have to deal with Jerks in the campground just use your cell phone to call the sheriff. They will come and cruse the campground shutting down any violations of county ord. (noise in campground after quiet hours)
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    Appriciate the suggestion but we don't have a cell phone ourselves, and I think there is no cell service out there. That's why the gals got in the van and went over the hill to use the phone that 2nd night out while us guys stayed to keep an eye on things at camp. They ended up only able to leave a message cause the ranger station is closed on week ends. A sherrif's deputy normally patrols the camp grounds every 3 or 4 hours we were told, but none came around until mid day on Saturday, at which time we told him about the hassle these jerks had given us Friday night and he went over and had a chat with them. That night they shut off the music and controled their kids at 10PM like they were supposed to. A camp full of drunks about 5 or 6 sites down the shoreline started up at that point, but cut it off themselves an hour later, so we think they just thought it was 11 instead of 10 that they were supposed to chill out. The deputy came through just before 10PM, but didn't stop at any camps that we saw, and never made another apearance after hours which seemed pointless and stupid to us, but by 11PM everyuone was quiet enough not to wake our kids so no harm, no foul.

    As for kids and fishing, ya, that combo means a lot more work for me, but you're right, it's definately worth it if the fish are biting and they are catching them. Just hard to do when nothing is biting and the kids are losing hooks and bait to snaghs with nothing to show for it. Just kind of hard doing all that running around and at the same time seeing that the kids are just getting turned OFF of fishing for lack of results regardless of all my effort, ya know? I wish they had ALL gotten to reel in at least one, but it just wasn't happening. That area seemed to be more of a "passing through" lane where if you got lucky you might put a spinner out at just the right time to catch one cruising by, and they were not hitting anything off a bobber or off the bottom during daylight hours. Next time we'll likely go someplace else, and I'm hoping the fishing will be more consistent. I don't mind smaller fish if it means regular hookups for the kids to keep them interested.

    We also had a shortage of rigs, which I intend to rectify before our next major outing, and I also need to get (or make) some rod holders.
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    Sounds like you all had a great time, theres nothing like seeing a kids eyes light up when they catch thier first fish brings back a lot of great memories when my own kids caught thie first fish. Thanks for sharing and bringing back some wonerful memories