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    I am taking camping with my GF and her daughter on Sept 11th. I am needing a place no more then an hour from OKC that we can go. I am looking for a place were we can setup camp on the water. That way her daughter can fish from camp with ease and safety. Oh her daughter is 3 and can cast almost 3 feet now with her princess pole.:big_smile:

    A bonus would be a great cat place too but that is not a must have.


    Edit --> A place where she can slay bluegills and maybe a small channel would be perfect. She says she is ready to catch the big catfish. :big_smile: It does not have to be a big place a small pond I think would do fine. Just so that I can build a fire.
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    Thunderbird has some spots right on the water. Little Ax campground is gated and pretty quite.