Camp Fire Building

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    Original post made by Steve Adler(Icemanxxxv) on September 13, 2004

    The article on fire building is very informative, but I would like to add some common sence things that will save you tons of trouble and possibly tones of money! First pick a good spot for your fire ring! Not under a tree! Not close to dry brush! Clean all flamable materials from the ground in a ten foot radius! Clean it down to bare dirt. Keep a shovel and a 5 gallon bucket of water on hand in case the fire takes off on you! Nothing more embarassing to be next to a billion gallons of water and unable to put out a fire. Before leaving quench the fire dead out use the shovel to turn over the coals and ashes and quench with water. Dig out the quenched ashes and drench the pit with water again and again till dead out! All the way down to bare ground! Remember ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FORREST FIRES!