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    I don't if anyone else uses live traps, but some of the places I trap raccoon I am required too so I can release any cats that I catch. As you know these bright shinny traps can be seen for many many yards away and ideal targets for trap thieves, Antis, or any other just plain thief. SO I got the idea of painting them a camo color to try and help to allieviate this problem. I bought the cheapest outdoor spray paint I could find. I got Black, dark brown, tan and dark green. I started by spraying the light color first and ending with black. The black kind of blended it all together ... I hope it works ....... Garry-

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    Oh yhea:wink: I got one and need to paint it. They work well on coon i know. I been relocating some that raid my trash barrels. I just hope fur is worth something this year. I plan on doing some cat and fox trappin if i can. good luck