Camo Finish Long Guns

Discussion in 'Hunting Gear Talk' started by ozzy, May 30, 2008.

  1. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    Ive never had a gun with a finish other than blue. Whats the do's and dont's on camo finishes?
  2. CoonX

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    Don't take a steel wool pad to the barrel. :smile2:

    Otherwise, just treat it as a regular firearm.

  3. 223reload

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    Beats me Mike. I ain't ever either ,used to be I thought it looked too RAMBO,now I'm sorta liking the look,specially for predators and geese.
  4. peewee williams

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    I wonder how they feel?Are they slick like teflon?(I ain't got much feeling left in me).I also wonder how they will hold up.Will copper cleaners get behind it and eat the metal like they will with nickle plated guns?Will they scratch easier than blued guns.Will some solvents or UV rays damage them?I doubt that I will live long enough to find out as only time will really tell.

    How about the fortune tellers and readers of the future out there?I know what the paid advertisers say,but do we have any one who has owned one for awhile and exposed it to saltwater and such.Some of the Marine guns sold in the past looked horrible after a few years on saltwater boats unless they were grease coated 24-7-365.

    My Stainless steel Ruger single six and Stainless steel New Model Blackhawk did well but I would submerged them in Distilled water,dried it,submerged it in Colman Fuel,dried it and let it set submerged in Marvel Mystery oil 24 hours and then drain for 24 after every trip.My ammo was sealed at primer and bullets for SW use and I rinsed and cleaned it good.When I was out for days,I kept it protected and oiled.Still got a little reddish color at times.A good hard coating would be great.My salty sweat ate my carries in hot weather when I was out and active.I loved Zip-Lock bags when they came along for pistols.Still do out in the weather!

    I love you Brothers and sisters.peewee
  5. massa_jorge

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    i have a mossberg 500A 12 gauge that has the old woodland camo finish on it. you know, the one that looks like a kid in art class spray painted it? got it for my 'quittin dippin gun' from my wife, along with a few others. i was never really big on the camo, but she figure'd i wanted a turkey shotgun so i didn't have to keep using my .22 marlin, haha. i'd rather use a .22, but that's a different thread...

    the finish does scratch, as any finish does. this is one of my 'working guns', which means i use it for everything from hogs and deer to quail, dove, ducks and geese, as well as a loaner when a buddy's jam-o-matic peters out on him in the panhandle's winter weather. it's also my close range coyote killer, and patterns lead #2's awesome. i do the same maintenance on it as the rest of my guns, tetra gun lube rubbed in to the metal, then a coat of silicone. it's a great gun and has a few dings in the finish that you really have to get close to even see. so i would have to say if you were in the market for a camo finished gun, get after it!
  6. CountryHart

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    I got a camo muzzle loader, i like the finish. Rust isn't a problem and it don't shine.
  7. crmule

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    Don't waste your money on camo gun finish .
    rapp a strip of burlap around your barrel.and stich it with sewing thread the rattier it gets the more it look like bushes
    In snow use a white cloth .I don't use the last one much in florida but it's nice to be ready,haha
    bewell crmule