California...where the sun dosen't shine

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    I recently was reading a local outdoor weekly publication and this really hit home for me...... The article titled.... Cell Phones ? you make the call....
    A fisherman took a midweek break to retreat to a local pay lake because there is nothing close to use here in Southern California. He went to do some trout fishing. It didn't take long to realize that he was the only angler who left his cell phone at home. Instead of enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature, he was subjected to the obnoxious sounds of no less than nine cell phones ringing. Then there was the constant loud conversations of very impotent people who's business obviously couldn't function without their intervention. Some of the folks had their kids with them and spent more time on the phone then with the kids. What ever happend to getting away from it all and emjoying God's great outdoors? With all the other assaults on our sport, can't we refrain from adding one more? It's a sad commentary on our society, when after a fishing outing, one looks forward to returning to the pease and quiet of the office.

    For the sake of your fellow anglers, either hire competent people to run the business in your absence or wait until you retire to take up fishing.

    As far as I am concerned, take your loud conversations and inconsiderant ways and "stuff it where the sun dosen't shine"

    bayrunner ray
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    That is sooooooooooo funny! You hit it on the head, without, trying.

    Great post! Heck, think I'll drop mine in the lake, next time I go out.

    Take care.