California.... two poles now legal

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    Hey gang, unless I missed the up-date report on "two pole fishing" it is now OK to fish with a second rod stamp which is valid in all inland waters except those waters in which only artificial lures or barbless hooks may be used.

    This again is for all waters or east of or inland of Carquinez bridge. If you are west to the mentioned bridge, you are in the "bay waters" and only one pole is allowed there.

    On a side note... with Schwartzenegers 15 billion dollar buget problem, we are going to be faced with closed beaches, state parks etc. etc. etc.......More of the "Democratic business as usual" that we sportsmen face here in CA.

    The "Cal tip" phone number for reporting "fish and game violators is working under staffed and they state that with the reduced "game wardens" 1 in 4 calls can be answered


    Bayrunner Ray
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    Hey Ray,
    Thanks for the up-date/news! :0a23: