California Highway patrol officer, shot and killed!

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Deltalover, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    We have had too many police deaths this year in Calif! The last was this morning, near where I live and there is an active man hunt going on now. A chp officer was gunned down on the side of the hiway northbound 99, during a traffic stop! I am seeing helicopters flying overhead! Please add in your prayers, to stop this senseless violence on those that protect and serve!
    Update, a civilian may be following the car right now!
  2. Fatkat

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    Blanchester, Ohio
    I hate to hear of a Police Officer being gun down. I hope they catch the no good b@$tard and gun him down!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

  3. kspor

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    Wichita Kansas
    I will keep the family in my prayers. They have a crappy job and its too bad they are often outgunned and outnumbered. Hpe they catch the scum who shot him soon.
  4. truck

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    williamsburg ohio
    I am with Fatkat on this one.:mad:
  5. beeheck

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    Iowa / Missouri
    Whoa, whoa, whoa..... here now, wait a minute, that might be a person who isn't responsible for his actions. He might of been done wrong at some time in his childhood and just doesn't know what he's doing, he might be scared right now and that might leave a scar on his emotions. We need to back up and all think of how we can help him and not be so quick to accuse without walking a mile in his shoes.

    Here's my thoughts on how to "help" him.... I would use the same punishment that I would use on a child molester, you walk that mile with him.... out to an abandoned old wooden building that is older than dirt and dry as a popcorn f@rt. Walk him into the building and in the middle of the wooden floor you staple his family jewels down and as you walk out you toss him a dull knife and set the building on fire, but only on three sides leaving the door side open in case he wants to take advantage of your generous offer. To make it fun, pace off 150 yards and set up with a 300 Winchester mag and wait for your shot, if he takes advantage of your kind offer you should have an interesting running shot since I doubt he'll be running a straight line and if he doesn't use the get out of jail knife, than he's just getting a wee taste of what eternity will be like for him, the sorry S.O.B.!
  6. Patmansc

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    Greer, SC
    Pat Chaney
    This type of behavior is totally unacceptable, but an unfortunate reality in our society today :sad: Let us all be grateful for our brothers and sisters in law enforcement, and pray for the family & loved ones of this fallen warrior.
  7. redneckdrum

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    GOOD ONE,BEEHECK! I thank the Lord above that I was raised to understand I will have to take responsibility for MY own actions because of choice's I make in life,GOOD or BAD.More often time's than not,WE ARE OUR OWN WORSE ENEMY!
  8. Tym2Fish

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    Scottsdale Arizona
    I have had several of my brothern gunned down by these useless pieces of flesh. Both of which have left behind a wife and small children. It pains me greatly when I read or hear of an officer involved shooting. The job has changed dramitically over the years. Believe it or not there was at one time "honor" among thieves. Almost to the point of a semi mutual respect. Now a days there the gangs are more violent and ruthless. If you have not heard about Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang which originated in El Salivador take a minuite to read alittle about them. They make the Bloods, cripps, and basic street gangs look like the good humor man. They are a very big threat to Law Enforcement and are branching out ALL over the US.
  9. Katmaster Jr.

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    Wilmington, NC
    Man that really sucks!!!:sad:
  10. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    unfortuanatly this scenerio is being played out more and more all over the place ,and the people who are in charge to correct the problem are only creating a bigger problem.
    this type of behavior should be dealt with as a rabid dog is dealt with
    no jail no trial just pop the sob in the head and save us all a ton of money and time.
    if there is a thread of doubt that someone commited a crime by all means give them a fair trial .
    but a cut and dry case of an actual eye witnessed heinious act being commited ????why waste the time and money to give them a trial?
    shoot and bury and set an example.
    did the officer get a fair trial before being gunned down????
    case closed :sad: NEXT

    ps i will pray for the officers family and friends tonite
  11. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    Prayers are sent for the officers family.
  12. stickthrower

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    Possum Kingdom Lk, TX
    Amen, Brother.:sad:
  13. Mutt

    Mutt Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Yea where the shooting took place at is about 16 miles from me I know that area very well. One of the people responsible for it turned himself in to police right after the shooting they are still looking for the car and other people involved with it.I hope it comes to a fast resolution. There are way to many CHP (and other cops and civies for that matter getting killed) being shot and killed here recently. It makes my blood boil when I hear about another officer down.
  14. vini

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    My Dad lives in Modesto he did'nt know what had happened until i called to tell him, he was on the gold course out there and saw the helicopter flying around guess they had a description of the vehicle. Hope they catch the punk.

    Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang

    Just heard about this gang the other day, not good!