Calif Sturgeon Fishery Update

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    State officials on Thursday adopted emergency limits on sturgeon fishing to protect the giant fish during what may be an all-time low in its population.
    At a meeting in Riverside, the state Fish and Game Commission voted unanimously to ban harvest of green sturgeon. It also reduced the size limit for white sturgeon, ruling that anglers may keep only those fish between 46 and 56 inches long.
    Both changes apply throughout the sturgeon's range, from San Francisco Bay to upstream areas on the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers.
    California sturgeon are a massive native fish, known to reach up to 2,000 pounds and 20 feet long. They are also one of the oldest fish species in existence. Like salmon, they spend much of their lives in the ocean and return to freshwater rivers to spawn.
    Current regulations allow anglers to keep sturgeon between 46 and 72 inches!
    new catch limits are likely to take effect by March 17, after a legal review, and remain in effect for 120 days. This will cover most of the spawning season. The fish and game commission will make a permanent proposal in dec.
    Catch and Release fishing for sturgeon is still allowed!