Calicatman wants send a huge "Hello!,To the (BOC) TEXAS Chapter

Discussion in 'LOCAL TEXAS TALK' started by calicatman, Apr 12, 2007.

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    Well first of all let me intreduce myself,I`m Joe Garcia aka;Calicatman from the BOC`s California Chapter!!! I`m movin` on back to the great state of Texas. I had spent the last 2 years in Cal., and before that I`d lived in Houston for 7 1/2 years.Well before I head back ,I will be goin` under a new username Cal-Texcatman,I would like to know if there is a BrotherHood Chapter in Houston ,and if so who can I contact so this way I could intreduce myself ,and catch up on the cathunting scene ,man I can`t wait as soon as I get in town my 1st stop will be to find the nearest waterhole and wet my lines.It will be great to be back on Texas land agian and hookin` those big Whiskered kitties again,too.:lol: :lol: :cool2: :cool2:
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    Gary Texas
    Welcome back and good luck fishing

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    Highland Villag
    Wellcome back home. Texans really never leave. They just go on long vacations sometime. I'm not from the Houston area, but it's still Texas. Nice set by the way. I play a little myself. It put me through school.
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    I didn't know that the BOC was divided up into Chapters, LMAO!!! Nowhere on the board does it say California chapter, Texas chapter or any other chapter. I don't understand this mentality!!! The BOC stands for Brotherhood Of Catfishermen. You make it sound as if you are in a private club or something. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The BOC is an open forum and welcomes all who wish to come here.
    You have been here since March of 2006 and I have never seen you on the open board, Broaden your horizons and join in on some of the other tings the BOC has to offer.
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    Victoria, Texas
    Glad you found your sanity and are moving back to Texas.... :smile2: I'm in Victoria about 2-1/2 hrs south of houston. Once you get settled in send me a PM and we can wet some lines, either for cats or we can do some saltwater fishing for reds, trout, or sharks.
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    Dreadnaught I dont think that he is trying to do that. Just because he said chapter doesnt always mean that he doesnt want to converse with the other thousands of brothers and sisters in the BOC. In my opinion (maybe it is just me) I would rather talk with my locals around the area just because it is more realistic in meeting them and fishing the same areas with them. Now dont get me wrong i talk in other state forums an the open forums just as much as i do the texas forums. He was meaning the texas forum. By the way Welcome back to the great state of Texas Joe. Glad to have you

    God Bless