Calaveras Lake

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    Hey brothers any of you guys that fish Calaveras Lake might need to know that they have shut down the North End of the lake for construction. They have locked the gate just after you come by the fishing pier. I went out there today with the family in hopes of maybe getting my oldest her first catfish today only to find that with half the lakes bank fishing access shut down the crowd was crazy. I could'nt even find a spot to wet my lines. So me and the family settled for a bit of dinner at the park while watching the sunset. Hopefully next weekend I'll be able to get my oldest her first kittie.:smile2:
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    hopefully they will reopen it for ya, if not try the hole by the dam and reed beds or the two points between the ramps. Shoudl be able to hook into one for the young un! Congrats and keep up the good work,,,they are the future of what we love to do!

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    Dang, I went out Monday and saw the gate was closed and assumed it was because of the rains we had Sunday night. A lot of blown down tents. Launched my kayak at the end of the cove where the fishing pier is and fished the bend in the old creek channel West of the Pier. Lots of Northwest wind in the morning and was hard fishing. Caught one 5 lb Blue and a 14" Channel. Worst day I have had out there chasing Kitties. Anyone know when they plan on opening the road back up to the North end of the Lake?