Calaveras/Braunig carp

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    Just wondering if anyone here go after carp too, while camping this past weekend I saw the neighbors foul hook a carp, he was about 4#s ( the thing was huge I thought) the guy hooked the fish btwn the mouth and the left eye using a piece of shrimp. I chummed serveral times while we were there and saw plenty of action (breaking water, swirls, minnows jumping out of the water every now and then) Is it possible to attract carp when chumming for cats? if so, how does one catch them?

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    Floresville tx
    Rubes,you can catch carp by chumming with can corn and either fish with can corn or make a dough bait.I make a dough bait by using wheaties cereal crushed up and then I add vanilla flavoring,or big red and sometimes peanut butter.Just add water and keep mixing untill you get the texture you want.Put it on a small treble.I also have caught several channel cats on this dough bait while fising for carp.I used to catch alot of carp on this bait while they were spawing in the shallows.

    Good Luck, Eric..........

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    Here I catch alot of carp I dont attentional catch them but they are alot around here