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Cajun Red Line.

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All of my reels are spooled with Cajun red line. This line performs well for me. Do any of you members use this line? 30 pound test is what I use.
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Cajun Red is spooled on all my poles. My heavy duty Flathead rods and also my Zebco 33 Channel poles. I use 50# on my big poles and 10# on my Zebcos. It is a very strong line and almost impossible to break. I reccomend it to everyone.
I prefer braided line but use Cajun Red for my leaders. On tests I have done checking breaking point it exceeds its rating. It also has a very low wear facter, imo.
I have it spooled on a couple of my poles ...

I use 14 lb test ... it has never given me a problem

the line i got Forgottenhart is Mono ...

i dont know if they make a Braided one or not for sure

It is a mono line, they also have it as a leader material. I know Big George uses it or at least has talked about it. Not sure what the difference is, maybe only thicker diameter?? Hopefully he will chime in here.
i got some of this when it first came out. now my experience was it was real abrasive and had lots of memory. but other than that i didnt seem to find anything wrong with the line, i still currently have it on one reel and its a back up reel. have any of u used this much to know if maybe it was some defects from when it was first manufactured. because if so i would like ot try it again i kinda like the idea of the red line. disappearing in the water. so some feedback would be great
i have some 12 lb and its been fine for me so far.
I used it for a bit and found out that it turns into cajun pink after a few good fish or a couple of snags after ya get it free. LOL! Once stretched it stays there. I gave up on it.
Cajun Red is on all of my poles currently. It has incredibly low memory, and is incredibly abrasion resistant. I use 20 pound test on my cat rods, and 6 pound test on my ultralights. I have had to break it one time, and it finally did, but it made a supersonic crack in the process. This is some good stuff.
I just recently got some Cajun Red and spooled up a couple of poles with it. I will be putting it to the test soon and will report back. :D
Well my Cajun red line broke on me today .... but I was pulling HAWGS LM Bass out of there holes .... I lost 3 of them due to line breakage and one because he stole my "Wacky rig worm" .... I even dialed the drag down to help off set these HAWGS ... I got up close to a couple of them and they were HUGE ... im talking 20 plus inches i wish i could have landed a couple
im defianelty going back and trying to get them again before we Ice up here

they broke my 12 lb test line so i know they were good HAWGS .... up here they would have been Wallhangers if i had landed them ... if i can get one i will be sure to post a Pic and then i will CPR these guys they make excellant breeder stock ...

May have also gotten ahold of some of the old line there too bull_head. Lines normally break easier when they have been sitting on the shelves for months. Go try to find one of the boxes that are a bit shinier and dont have as much dust on them LOL. That may help a little bit.
Has anyone tried the Cajun Red line in 2 or 4 lb line? I like the real lite stuff for panfishing but haven't taken the plunge from P-Line. I'm willing to try as the red stuff is a little cheaper than the P-line. Any and all opinions will be appreciated.

whatever it takes

I could have barbel ... im not sure .... I picked the spool up at Cabelas in Harrisburg , Pa this past winter (February) when I was there on a day trip ...
it wasnt dusty but it was on a 1150 yds spool .... i will probaly finish the season with this on my reel and replace it this winter after the season is over
... Im just kicking myself for losing the fish ... these Hawgs were HUGE ... the 3 that broke my line I know all of them were over 20 inches ... and if i landed them they would have been my personal best ... but at least I know they are there and I will have more changes at one soon ...

Bull_head: 20 inch bass are pretty good sized sunfish. I might also suggest using a heavier leader tied onto the main line. It could be that the 12 pound wasnt abrasion resistant enough.

Cheez: I havent tried the 2 or 4 pound test, but I have the 6 pound. I use it for bass, crappie/panfish, and walleye. I have only had it break once, and that was when we were on a catching spree and had a 4-5 pound bass eat the crankbait. I hadnt retied the line in over three days of the same type of action.
I have 20lb on mine and it has been 100% excellent for 3 years. I will buy more for sure. II even switched a guy from braided leaders to cajun leaders.

Its worth every penny in my book!!!

i tried it out on one of my smaller poles and had the 14lb test on it.Great stuff,super strong,id like to get some 20lb test but i cant seem to find any around here for some reason.
i have the 4 lb on my scheels 4bb ultralight, and it works very well. i will buy it again when i run out, and will probably try it on my bigger setups too.
I have 20# red on all my reels. Someone up yonder said it turns to cajun pink after a few fish and I find this to be true. I got it originally for drifting as it is supposed to disapper first in the water column. Be advised there are two different cajun lines. There is a "Cajun Lightning" available that is primarily for spinning reels I believe. I could be wrong about being just for spinning reels, but I know there are two different types. I see no discerenable difference other than the label. I am pretty happy with it though.
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