Cairo and the Confluence of the Rivers

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    Dayton, Ohio
    Hey guys I am from Ohio, and I have been wanting to fish the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers around Cairo, IL. This area looks great, and I wondered if any of you have fished it before. Also, are their public or private ramps in Cairo or surrounding towns near the confluence? What about campgrounds or hotels and accommodations? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    illinois springfield area
    hey curtis, lil bro lives down there, theres a ramp in town of ohlmstead on ohio, which is bout20 minutes i believe from cairo, he lives in mounds,il lot of people fish where the barges fill cairo, grain spills over, very poor area, like backwoods shack livin poor, dont remember many businesses, few gas stations, paducah kentucky, cape girardo mo closest places 4 groceries&walmart, no offense to any y'all that might live that way, i grew up dirt po, my momma on food stamps but these people got nothin, reminds me of feed the children ad, very lil work that way, dont want u expect too much!! bait shop in ohlmstead

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    Curtis I have sent you a PM regarding your question.
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    hey curtis Mound city which is miles from cairo has a real nice ramp there. and it has some great fishing there as well. the ramp is between two grain elevators. and there is a sandbar across the river called american bar and it holds a lot of nice blues around it. as far as camping i dunno that much. i always stay at a relatives house since i am from mound city