Caddy for Pre tied Catfishing Leaders

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    I made this caddy out of a peice of 2" PVC pipe about 24" long,about 12 paper clips and some rubber bands.Take the paper clips and unfold them in order to have 2 hooks,tape all the paper clips to one end of the pipe so you'll have an open loop.Tie all you rigs the lenghts you want them,then take the swivel end of the rig and run a rubberband through the swivel and loop it then hook the rubberband to the hook on the paper clip and then just pull the hook end of the rig down to the other end of the pipe and hook the hook on the edge of the pipe.You can put as many different hook sizes and leader lenghts on it as you like.I carry around 2 dozen on mine.It's super handy and saves alot of time.Try to keep it out of as much sunlight as you can ,because the UV rays will break down the rubberbands.I hope this will aid some folks.
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    Here's a way I found to keep pre-tied leaders ready and orderly. I like to snell my hooks, so just retying the hook to the leader isn't practical. One fish per leader is now easier since I'm not too lazy to tie just one knot. It's made of three feet of 1 1/4" PVC and has four 5/8" holes at the top with a o-ring keeper that rolls up over the line to hold them in place during flight. It fits inside most rod holders and scissors store neatly in the top. I usually snell my hook and hook it on the top, pull the line against the tube and trim the line even with the end, then tie on the swivel. Now all the leaders are a uniform length and don't bottom out in the tube. If you plug the bottom all spent hooks and swivels get deposited inside after trimming off the line and are ready to be retied for the next trip.



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    :cool2:Since I`m am getting a "little" older, I can`t see so well at night to tie my hooks and stuff. I`ve had to come up with a way to keep pre tied leaders with snaps handy. I just use a piece of styrofoam to sink the hooks into and stretch the line around and then hook the snaps into the other side.
    "Necessity is the mother of invention"
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    Nice solution to a problem we all have and as others have said , old eyes are grateful after sundown.

    One suggestion for :Try to keep it out of as much sunlight as you can ,because the UV rays will break down the rubberbands.

    I use those rubber band subsitutes the gals use to do Pony tails.
    They are Like a heavyduty rubber band with a fabric jacket. Last forever and you get a dozen in a bag at wally world for about a buck.

    I use them for everything.

    R Green
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    What i have found is great is using pieces of that spongy water pipe insulation--you know the kind that is slit down the middle so that you can wrap it around your copper water lines? I had some old pieces laying around and I just cut them to fit my tackle box. Wrap the leader around the foam and then stick the hook in.

    I like the other idea, though of the PVC so that you are keeping the leader straight.
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    You know, the best way I have found to keep my pre tied hooks out of the sun light, rain, and from rusting, or just getting tangled. I just went by the dollar store picked up a package of two by two zip lock baggies. and while on one of my wife's thrift store outings, I picked up a small sipper type photo album, that is small enough you can cary it like a wallet . Now I can set in front of the boob tube at home tying hooks, and I have a place to put them. I just kind of roll them up place them in the bag and it keeps them looking like new until you need one.