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    Hey Luke,

    I enjoyed your post in June about your trip to Caddo Lake.I live in SE Ohio but have been to Caddo on four occasions and may go again this spring. We always fish out of Johnson,s Ranch. Henry is a piece of work.We've been to his home every year we've come down and he always stops up at Shady Glade where we stay.A buddy, LT is a good friend of Henry and Peanut's and we always use them for a day or two as guides and laughs.They do know the lake and we have a ball.We go after Crappies and will go again for them but we are also going after Bream next time.Of the four of us that usually make the trip,I'm really the only catfisherman in the bunch.I've caught a few(while crappie fishing) but never really tried to get after them.I didn't know if the lake held Blues and flatheads.Just curious as to best time of year for the cats.Good fishing and be safe.
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    Billy Carter now owns Johnson's Ranch. He and Henry have been friends all their lives. Billy and his wife own SPATTERDOCK which is 4 lake houses I've fished BIG LAKE area with Billy for catfish. The really FUN thing to do is fish for white and yellow bass during the winter months up till about mid march. we catch hundreds of yellows. But, back to the catfish. Channels bite there in big lake during the warm weather months. Yes, Caddo is an awesome place. Keeps pulling folks back again and again, doesn't it? Take care and have fun on your trip. Luke Clayton