Cache Creek

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    Went Fishing Sat Night On Cache Creek About 3 Miles North Of The Red River And Only Caught 4 Blue Cats. We Were There From About 8pm Till About 5:30am.

    The First Hook Up Was At About 9:45pm. She Hit A Blue Crappie Head And Made My Bait Clicker Scream Like She Was A 90lber But After Getting Her In She Only Weighed In At 12lbs (first pic). Not That Bad For The First Fish. We Thought We Were In For A GREAT Night Of Fishing But We Soon Found Out That It Was Just Going To Be A Good Night Of Fishing.

    The Second Hook Up Was At About 10:45pm. She Hit A 6in Live Blue Gill And Acted Just Like The First One. Since I Was Using A Big Live Gill I Just Knew That It Was Going To Be A Bigger One But After She Came To The Bank I Was HIGHLY Disappointed. We Got Her In And She Weighed In At 7.8lbs (second pic).

    The Third Hook Up Was At About 3:00am. She Hit A 4in Live Blue Gill And Just Bumped The Line Slack On My Clicker And While I Had My Thumb Rolling The Spool To Tighten The Line She Hauled Off Like A Bat Out Of Hell Ripping Skin Off My Thumb. Got Her In And She Weighed 10lbs (third pic).

    The Fourth And Final Hook Up Was At About 4:15am. We Were Putting Water In The Cooler To Take The Fish Home And Packing Every Thing Up While My Girlfriend Was Watching All The Poles. She Usually Yells Bite And Me Or My Buddy Will Run Over And Get The Hook Up Because She Is Not That Used To Cat Fishing. This Time She Was Shuddering And Then We Turn Our Heads And She Has A Hook Up On One Of My Rods. We Drop The Bucket Of Water And Head Over To Assist In Landing The Cat. She Fought It For About 5 Mins And The Line Just Went Slack So She Gave Me The Rod And Cranked Down On It And Caught Up To The Cat That Was Just Running To Us And Gave Her The Rod Back. Another 5 Mins Later She Got Her In. She Weighed In At 7.7lbs (fourth pic).

    All In All It Was A Good Night For The Creek Being Out Of It Banks The Weekend Before And Dropping About A 30 Foot Wide Section Of The Bank Down About 3 To 5 Feet. That Entire Section Was Nothing But Quick Sand Like Mud. All The Cat’s Were Full Of Bright Red Crawdads.

    The Fifth Pic Is My Buddy Who Didn't Catch A Fish But I Will Give Him Half Credit For All The Fish Since He Was The One Wadding Through The Mud To Net The Fish!!!! LMAO Thanks KingCatBradsPup

    Last But Not Least, The Final Pic Is Of My Buddies Bait That Was Picked Clean. Leaving The Head, All Bones And Tail. What Do You All Think Did It?????

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    Look like y'all had a good time! Nice fish, Brandon!

    Not sure about what mighta 'cleaned' that bait... ? It's interesting though.

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    Since you stated that all of the fish had bellies full of crawdads, it stands to reason that the bait in the picture was mauled by several crawdads.

    You oughta go back and set out a crawdad trap or seine the area for more mudbugs. Save out the "too big for bait" ones for a trip through boiling seasoned water...
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    I have 5 new crawdad traps if you want to set them out, I've been wanting to try them out in the water on the east side of Sue's.
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    Ya, I Would But The Spot That We Were At Was A One Time Deal. We Pulled Up To This House And Asked The Owner If We Could Fish Off His Land And He Said Sure. He Told Us To Drive Down And Look At It First, So We Did. The Banks Had About A 20 Foot Drop Straight Down. It Was Worse Than Fishing Off The Back Side Of Waurika Lake Dam. So We Headed Back. When We Got Back To The House, We Talk To The Guy Again And Told Him Thanks But We Were Not Prepared To Fish From A Spot Like That And Gave Him Some Beer Since His Cooler Looked A Little Low. We All Started Talking For About 15 Minutes And Then He Said, " Well You All Could Fish Under The Bridge Up The Road But It Is Very Muddy All Over Down There Or I Could Take You All To Another Spot On My Land But It Would Be A One Time Thing Because I Have Leased That Spot Out To Another Man For 5 Years Now." So Of Course We Jumped On It And Said Lets Go. He Drove Us To The Spot And Stayed Down There With Us Till About 12:30am And Told Us To Just Lock The Gate Behind Us. Of Course We Picked Up All Our Trash Plus Any Trash That We Could See And Locked The Gated Behind Us. We Are Planning On Heading Back This Weekend To Give The Man Some Of The Fish And A Bottle Of Tequila (Since That Was What We Could Smell In His Cup) With Out Bringing A Single Rod And Just Bull Sh*t With The Man As Our Way Of Telling Him Thanks. Because You Never Know He Might Let Us Fish It Again Some Time Down The Road Or Give Us A Chance To Lease It. Well We Will Find Out This Weekend.
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    I think you are onto something there Albert.

    I can't imagine any of the crawdads would be too BIG for bait though. But then again, I like Big Bait, at least it makes me feel like I'm gonna catch a big one when I finally get a bite.