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    been hearing a radio ad here in st louis about a new cable provider maybe comeing into area or the notion of it anyway.
    from what i can make of it the laws are set up for 1 company and i guess this is CHARTER to be the only cable provider for this area?
    the ad is saying that when the competition came in to town before the
    big dogs cut there bills up to 25.00 to keep subscribers
    and that if you right or call in to (i didnt catch akll the details) that you can voice your concern and tell them to appeal ammendment(?)
    now i have a question that i would like to ask about this.
    isnt a cable provider a free enterprise company ?
    a few on this board have said that big oil is a business not unlike a
    mom and pop store . and that government shouldnt have any control over.
    well isnt this funny that the cable company being a free enterprise company has some kind of connection to local government ?
    this seems unfair to me.
    does anyone on here have any knowledge about this?
    how can a supposed private company have a law in effect to keep other private competition out of its area?
    this seems to be a pay off type of situation.
    we see how the government cuts deals with big oil to allow them to drill on government land for free and be able to charge anything it wants .
    the cable company here is the same way it seems.
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    I don't know how it is in your town/city/county or area but in most places there is a contract between the local government and the cable company. It guarantees the cable company the right to access certain (local government) right of ways, allows them to perform without some permits, and guarantees them exclusive right to provide cable service. It is not unusual that there will be a time attached to this exclusive right but it will be years. It really is only fair because it guarantees the cable company (or any other utility) they will recoup their start-up costs (routing cable, etc). In exchange the utility provides certain access to their cable by the local government, abides by a rate schedule dictated by the local government, and several other things. You should be able to go to your local government center are read the entire contract. And if you want to be informed you should do that because you can bet that if there is another company with their eye on providing service they will not be telling one hundred percent truths about anything.

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    You would think that at the rates they charge it wouldn't take long to recoup their costs.Sometimes I think they go way passed that but that's just a unfounded guess.
    If I remember right wasn't the Oklahoma Turnpike only going to charge till they got the highway paid for?I could be wrong but it seems like I remember that from way back.Of couse that will be never because I don't think they ever get done working on it.LOL! It's been a while since I was through there last but it seems like they were working on it forever around Tulsa.OldProwler have they ever finished it?
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    That add is part of the Southwestern Bell / AT&T effort to enter the cable market. I think the competition will be good for consumers, but what Thomas said is spot on - those exclusive agreements were a tool to encourage development of the infrastructure. They weren't intended to be permanent though.
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    Hope it's not Adelphia Communications that's moving into your area.....:thumbdown