Cabin Fever: Spingtime or Bust, Update

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Wabash River Bear, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Wabash River Bear

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    Things had'nt got any better this week, cold outside, got some freezing rain and sleet yesterday to make matters worse. Today at work was miserable. I just could'nt get motivated, felt like I could just lay down and take nap till spring. Well I tuffed it out till quiten time, drug my tired rear out to the truck for the ride home. All the way home just lookin around at the cold gloom wonderin if this winter is ever gonna end, darn well knowing that its only Febuary and we have a ways to go yet. I get home, pull up to get the mail, great, more junk mail and you guessed it, more bills. Same crap everyday, oh well. As I'm pullin up the drive, my eye catches something! Whats that up on the porch? Boxes and a 7' cardboard tube! Some of my stuff from Cabelas? Could it be? My heart races, my mood picks up a notch. Oh yeah! I'm out of the truck as it slides to a halt just short of the wifes flower bed. I grab up the motherload with both hands and somehow manage to get the door unlocked without dropping anything, kick the door open and rush inside. Yup, big ol Cabelas sticker on the box, things are lookin up! I tare through cardboard like a three year old on Christman morn. Lets see, whats in here? My 4 Okuma av80a spinning reels, kool they came with extra spools. Man, these things are nice, smooth, and absolutely no backspin when the bale closes. Purty too. O.k. enuff of them for now, whats in this box? Great, my rod storage rack. Neet. 8 tube rod rack that hits into a seat pedistal base. No more worryin about stepping on my rods. Hmmm, assembly required. Not right now, gotta see whats in that 7' tube. Who in the he!! tapes this stuff up? Ahh, finally! Two UglyStik Tiger rods! These are sweeeeet! Nice guides, looks good! Action? Was worried about that when I ordered them on the net. Medium or med/heavy? I got the medium on another BOC brothers advice. Great choice, perfect, a med/heavy would have been too much. That all? I'm still missing my DualPro 3 Bank Pro S.E. onboard battery charger and my 3# spool of 30# test Berkly Big Game mono. Wheres it at? A quick call to Cabelas eases my nerve, they shipped on two seperate days, should get them tomarow. Way kool, something to look forward to, that will get here quicker than spring. Later all, gonna play with my new toys!:big_smile:
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    Dang it, now I'm jealous. On top of that were supposed to get more damn snow tonight. WILL IT EVER END?
    Any way enjoy your new toys.

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    Kathleen G
    Hey Bear if you want send all that to me in Ga I will break them in over the winter and send them right back in the spring. [or when I get tired of them]]LOL