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  1. Mark R.

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    Rush Springs, OK
    :angry: Broke a new Cabela's Graphite rod on a small white bass, took it in tonight at the Ft Worth store for a replacement and the sales man directed me to some fiberglass rods that he thought would better suit my purpose and while I was at it I picked up a Whuppin stick.
    I paid $59 for the rod and reel combo to start with, they credited me $59 for the broken rod and I kept the reel!
    When it was all over I walked out with two new rods and only cost me $5.74 which came out of my Cabela's credits!!
    No fuss - no hassle, this is my favorite place bar none.:big_smile:
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    I am sold on cabelas....only been there once but the service in the St.Lious store was top...GOTTA APPRECIATE THAT