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  1. catfish_jordan

    catfish_jordan New Member

    did any body go to the new cebelas in la vista. if so what did you think. it wasent as good as the one in kansas or minnesota.

  2. Wil

    Wil New Member

    Minden Nebraska
    i didnt go but ive heard good things. we have one here in kearney and its where i go for all my outdoor needs. you would think that one in lincoln would be better than one in kearney due to size of the city

  3. suddawg

    suddawg New Member

    The real "Grand Opening" is starting this weekend. It's been open already, but this weekend is where they're bringing in all the pro anglers and hunting specialists, etc. I hear they have an indoor fly fishing practice area. In all honesty I think Cabela's decided they couldn't let the new Bass Pro Shop accross the river in Council Bluffs get to big of a foot hold. Hopefully the good thing is having them both in such close proximity will drop some prices on things. Later

  4. LiquidSteel

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    La Vista N
    Ive been up there about 5 times since it opened. I am mesmerized by the large aquarium. They have some big fish in there. I even saw a the food chain in action! They have a large display of used rifles and shotguns. Lots of camping gear, fishing gear, hunting gear, boating stuff, and clothes. I just think that most of it is overpriced, imo. But they do have alot of neat stuffed animals to look at. They even have an "African Safari" display of animals. Its kinda neat, but Im pretty sure that the novelty of it will wear off on me in a few years.
    To me, its kinda like going to Hooters. Id like to take some of that stuff home, it just cost too much! :lol:

  5. catfishsteve

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    Omaha, NE
    Yeah, Cabela's is Cabela's. The new one in Omaha is nice and I'm glad they are here now. I've been to about 6 of their stores across the country and they are all nice. It will make some nice competition for sales with BPS over in Council Bluffs. I'll give them some of my business, but I still really like BPS.
  6. suddawg

    suddawg New Member

    I prefer Cabela's by name, but after being to the new one here in Omaha I can see why some people prefer Bass Pro accross the river. This Cabelas seems just a little smaller then the Bass Pro. But like you said, it should create some price competitions.