Cabela's Whuppin Stick

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by Tadpole, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Tadpole

    Tadpole New Member

    What do yall think about these rods and are they any good and how do they compare to the Ugly Stik in dependability. Thank's
  2. crab

    crab New Member

    Ive never tried one myself but one of my budys has a couple that he likes real well.

  3. kscathunter

    kscathunter New Member

    I have the 9' and really like it unless im using it at night, its pretty hard to see. it seems to be a good rod that needs more, better eyes. i havent had any trouble with mine in the three years ive had it. its nice for the price:wink: if you night fish you might look at the king cat they seem to be a close match to the ws but their white:big_smile:
  4. Vonroc

    Vonroc New Member

    Central Ohio
    I have 4 of them 8' heavy action casting rods rated 14 to 50 pound test line. I match them with Abu Garcia Trophy Collection 6500s reels 25 pound test line. Use them in the boat and also from the bank.I love them , work perfectly from the bank using vertical rod holders and Gama circle octopus hooks. Using mostly 2 and 3 ounce egg sinkers and cut shad, I can cast these a long distance. You can tell you have a 2 pound fish on , but can handle a 15 pound fish easily as well. I'm not in an area where there are blues or Flatheads, but for channels they are perfect. Wait a minute did I forget to tell you how much I liked these rods. I really like these rods! I've added about 2 foot of reflective tape at the tip shows up well at night with a lantern. I highly recommend these to everyone. However if you're catching 50,60,70 pound fish these might not be suitable. No problems with these so far , hold up well.
  5. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    Never tried the heavier ones but, have a couple of the lights and mediums for crappie fishing and like them a lot.
  6. irishangler

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    I have two 9-ft MH spinning rods and love them. You're right, they are hard to see at night, but I fixed this by putting a wrap of reflective tape between the top 4 eyelets. They really light up when you shine a beam on them. I've paired them up with good spinning reels loaded with braided line and they cast a mile.
    I also have two of the 7-ft one piece H action saltwater Whuppin' Stick casting rods for flathead fishing. I think they compare very well to either the Ugly Stick Big Water or Tiger rods, and are about half the price. They come with a good manufacturer's warranty, too. I don't think you can go wrong with either Whuppin' Stick model. Good luck.

    mike in SW VA
  7. GMC FishHauler

    GMC FishHauler New Member

    Waco, Texas, Un
    i love my 8' H whoopin stick.
    I bought it at Cabela's for $10 cuz it had an insert out of an eyelet.
    I just replaced all eyes and now it is fine. I like it for the bigger fish (5lbs+) for small ones it is not sensitive enuff for me. I have caught several over 15lbs and one over 20 on this rod. The only thing i do not like is that it is 2 piece.