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  1. Shawn

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    A recent thread about sponsor Cat Connection got me thinking about my second favorite retailer Cabela's.

    Last year, I picked up a Cabela's classic 6.6' medium heavy spinning rod. It was a nice sensitive rod with cork handle...and lightweight. Good firm action. Seemed like a nice spinning rod for small flatheads and channel cats.

    The first or second time I used it, I was pulling onto my trailer in a hurry and didn't realize the rod was hanging over the gunwale a bit. Well, you know what happened next...the rod hits the guide-on to my trailer, and bends and then snaps. (I was pulling on pretty quick...) I uttered a few expletives since no one else was around, and headed home. :cursing:

    The next Monday I was thinking about the fact that I just ordered the rod, and they do have a lifetime guarantee. So I called Cabela's customer service. I explained exactly what happened, and I said "It's obviously my fault and I know the warantee states that rods broken under normal use can be replaced, but the way some of us fish that it normal use!" They told me, "well you're right, that isn't exactly normal use, but this one time, we can replace it free of charge...." :0a31:

    They certainly didn't have to do it, but you know the good customer relations will pay off in the end. I continue to do business with them, and if the story gets passed along it doesn't hurt their reputation either.... :)

  2. Rockjumper

    Rockjumper New Member

    I have to agree, they have pretty good service.

  3. kscathunter

    kscathunter New Member

    Yea they are a pleasure to do buisness with. Seems like every time I buy something from there they send me something free gift certificate, 10% off purchace or something. My only complaint is their in store selection isnt near as good as on-line, some stuff I wanna see it before I buy it.:006: Youd think that being right next to the kansas and missouri rivers thet they would have a huge catfish selection :rolleyes: :crying: no Im gonna have to e-mail them.
  4. Larry

    Larry New Member

    thanks for sharing the story. Its nice to hear when someone gets good service, It can be hard to come by sometimes.
  5. beeheck

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    Iowa / Missouri
    Speaking of Cabela's everyone get their Special Limited Edition hardbound catalog? Like a kid getting a surprise gift in the mail I was going through it making a list while it was still cold from being outside in the mailbox. Nice idea, I believe this is their second one and I now have my first one put away and will add this one to the collection when the third one comes out, hint, hint. I plan to keep them so my grandkids can see what things cost way back when before some of them were even born. Kind of the same enjoyment I get out of going through an old catalog looking at what they used for poles, bobbers and the such and simply the things that were missing, that weren't invented back then. I think they are real keepers.
  6. three_rivers

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    Tupelo Ar
    I agree totally. Most of the time it only takes 3 or 4 days and its here at the house. I've ordered quite a bit from cabela's and so far they have exceeded my expectations. Not to mention they support catch and release and one of the biggest if not the biggest catfish tourneys series goin.
  7. fraid_knot

    fraid_knot Guest

    I agree they have good service. I've gazed at their catalogs bout as long as I can remember and drooled.
    A few years ago I needed a new transducer for a old Hummingbird. Called that fancy fishin department store down south of me(wont say their name) and was told they didnt make them any more. So I called Cabela's and was told "why sure we have them". I said there'll be an order in the mail.
  8. brad kilpatrick

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    Kansas City
    Cabelas has great sevice. I've returned several items and never had to haggle with them at all. 100% satisfaction garanteed just like wally world used to be. Its nice to see a company that is so eager to please!
  9. misterwhiskers

    misterwhiskers New Member

    Cabelas is a pleasure to deal with when resolving a problem.I only had to return/exchange a few items but theyt were friendly,helpful and apolegetic each and every time!
    Other companies can learn a thing or two from their customer trfelations department!

    Oh yeah,
    When explaining yer reason fer return or exchange
    they more than happy to do either
  10. brad kilpatrick

    brad kilpatrick New Member

    Kansas City
    Amen Brother!!!

    Even though they don't have the best selection of catfishing gear because of there customer service I get what i can from them because I know they will stand behind what they sell 100%
  11. rockbass

    rockbass New Member

    I usually try to not use them, but most times, I have no problem. My last trip there was terrible. Both people I talked to were complete butts and did not give any service.
  12. Kutter

    Kutter New Member

    Arnold, MO
    I have to agree with most of the above posts, especially KScathunter. I made the trip from St. Louis to Kansas City, just to go to one of their stores. I had a list of about 28 items that I wanted to see first hand. They had not one single item on my list. Several items they never heard of and could have even ordered for me. When I quetioned them about it, they told me that the catalogs get first dibs on new items, online second and stores last. They realise that the catalog was what has made them so big and thats why those customers get first shot at anything new.

    I made an order several years back at about 2 am one morning. Out of curiosity, I asked the operator who was taking my order just how many operators they had taking orders. She told me that the least they would have at ANY given moment, was 250.

    I placed an order a couple of years ago for about $800 worth of stuff. When the order came in, it was obvious that the box had been opened and retaped shut with regular tape instead of their branded green tape. There was about $350 worth of stuf missing from the order. I called and within 5 minutes they were able to varify that the entire order had been sent in that one box. With no other questions, they promtly mailed me the items that were missing.

    I get quite a few catalogs every year from all kinds of sporting good companies. After going through all of them, I find Cabella's ends up being where I order my hunting and fishing stuff from every time. Not only is their selection better, and usually their prices, but not one time has anything I ordered been later found to be "junk".

    I use their online "Wish List" to keep track of things I would love to have some day. Come Christmas or my birthday, my wife and son never have to ask me what I want as a gift. They now know where to look and can choose whatever is within the price they want to spend. I end up getting only things that I would love to have and they end up not having to think up what to get me.
  13. olefin

    olefin New Member


    Thanks for sharing. I also think Cabela's is great to do business with. Just look at their return policy. Then compare to Bass Pro Shop.

    I purchased a Lowrance LMS-480 Sonar/GPS from them. I started having problems with it the first month. Lowrance sent me an updated software and that corrected the problem. I'd had it about 4 months when it went out completely. Lowrance would have fixed it but I'd had to paid shipping. I called Cabela's, I told the guy I'd had it over 30 days, he said that was no problem. He said it sounded like I had a lemon, they would refund or I could order a new one. I wanted another. He said one would be put in the mail that day and as soon as they received the one from me they would credit my credit card. That day they had UPS pick up the faulty 480 with no shipping charge. The new 480 was sent to me with no shipping charge.

    I've had to return some other items with NEVER a problem. You may pay a few bucks more but it's worth it!