Cabela's Si+ Braid?

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by JAinSC, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. JAinSC

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    I was thinking about going to super braid on a couple of rods, and I'm considering trying the Cabela's Si+ braid. Has anyone tried it? Does it hold up? How's the diameter?

    I went to Dick's yesterday and compared some different braids. The Powerpro and Suffx braid were about the same diameter for a given test, but the same test Fireline was WAY thicker - like darn cable compared to the others. I use light (8 or 10 lb) Fireline on a spinning rod, and I like it, but the heavier stuff (30 or 50) was ridiculously thick.
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    I tried SI and didnt like it and it compares in diameter with Stren Superbraid.Power Pro and SUffix are two of the best if not the best right now.Fireline is not a "Braid" but an extruded filament line ,which is why it is thicker particularly in the heavier lb tests.You wont go wrong with the other two.I prefer white or yellow for better visability at night.:smile2: