Cabelas Salt Striker Spinning Reel

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Seth, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Seth

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    Owensville, MO
    I been thinking about getting this reel and adding it to a 15 foot surf rod for snagging spoonbill this year. Has anybody used them before and know how well they hold up? I'm looking for something that is going to give me years of service battling big ol spoonbill, carp, and catfish.
  2. mailhiker

    mailhiker New Member

    Never owned one myself, but on Cabela's website they have 20 reviews, all gave 5 stars I believe.

  3. Koon

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    I've been a HUGE spinning reel fan for almost all my life... Went I got into catfishing I used baitcasters like all the guides had and which I just couldn't learn how to use.

    I research hard and found these Cabelas spinning reels. I own 4 of them and they have performed flawlessly over the last year. They have a live bait drag system that can be used as a clicker. The best part is you can adjust this tension or drag seperate from the main drag. This also acts as a "clicker" when engaged.

    Good product at a Great Price, with features you almost can't find on any other spinning reel.

    I would give them 10 stars if I could.
  4. loanwizard

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    I have 2 of them that I bought June 14th of last year. I used them 3 times on 12' Ugly Stiks. After that I couldn't get the drag to tighten up. Even if I cranked em down as far as I could, I could pull out line easily. 2 weeks ago I took them back to Cabelas. At that time I couldn't get them to malfunction. They did offer to refund my money or replace them. So, either they fixed themselves, I am a moron, or the problem has to do with use or temprature (BTW this is NOT a POLL :roll_eyes: )

    I will say that if you are unhappy, Cabela's seems to stand behind their product. I had no receipt to prove the date of purchase and they were very accomodating.
  5. Shawn

    Shawn New Member

    A hard fishing guy I know got a couple of these and liked them. He wouldn't say so if he hadn't put them through their paces...

    I just got the Cabela's SS baitcaster and it seems pretty good. I'll find out this summer.