cabela's salt striker (baitcasting)

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Shawn, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Shawn

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    Last winter, I picked up the larger size salt-striker reel.

    I didn't fish a ton last summer, but so far I like the reel quite a bit. Operates very smooth, casts well, and seems to have a nice drag.

    It was on sale when I picked up, so I didn't pay anywhere near the $90 retail price. I think it was 49.99 when I purchased. Since the newer abus seem to be made in china or someplace now, I think the Cabela's reel is a nice option ( at least for guys who aren't using shimanos and penns exclusively).

  2. BKS72

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    East of KC
    I bought a Salt-Striker and returned it. You may have a different model, but the one I had was a trolling reel and wouldn't cast nearly as far as my Abus (as I should have known, since it was a trolling reel:eek:oooh:). Other than that it wasn't a bad rig.

  3. catfish kenny

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    I got a d-45 depthmaster gold troll reel and I am fixin to put it thru the paces.I dont care alot about casting distinces usualey so I am hoping it was money well spent.....I like the feel of it and it was 1/2 the price of a abu so like a gabbler.............I hope I am gonna be satisfied
  4. peewee williams

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    Shawn.I have the use of 2 of the Cabela's Salt Striker SS6600X's bought during the same winter sale.I believe them to be the same reel as the Pflueger Trion 66 that I have seen on TV shows fishing Santee Cats and Saltwater Red fish.I E-mailed Pflueger for the missing paper work for a Pflueger Trion 66 and received the paperwork for a Cabela's Salt Striker SS6600X reel from Pfluger.They looked to be the same to me inside and out except the name on the outside.Out of a total of 33 reviews (23 & 10)for both reels at Cabela's,only one seems dissatisfied.Being a retired chemical plant mechanic,his problems sounds to be cleaning them with one of the exotic paint & plastic destroying chemical solvents after storing them unwashed with incompatible metals or conditions that accelerated corrosion by setting up a electrical current.

    I spooled them both with Bass Pro Magibraid 30 lb.braid.I don't know how much,but they hold a lot of it.They are both mounted on Bass Pro "Power Plus Trophy Class 1055 7'6" Med Hvy Act 1/2-2 oz. lure wt. 10-25 lb.Line 7G 05D rods.This was set up as a multi use rig for Chain Pickerel,Catfish,Flounder,Red fish and huge Black Drum with the hope of surviving a Shark attack as that will happen in salt water.Unfortunately this old cripple don't get to fish but very little.I can only cast them and my Daiwa 4H about 30 feet which is my physical limit,not the reels.

    Both of them and my Daiwa seem awful small compared to the Penns I used for years as I never owned a bait casting reel until I was 59.

    What rod and line have you tried and/or use on yours?

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee