Cabela's "Predator" rods?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by dinkbuster1, Jul 4, 2006.

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    ive had 2 11ft, 2-1/4lb test curve predator spinning rods for over 12 years now. i use them for channel cats when bankfishing in lakes and im thinking about buying a new one as well as a baifeeder for it. question is, how much of a difference in action is the lighter one? think its 1-3/4 lb test curve? hoping someone on here has owned both types. anyone have a used one for sale? :big_smile:
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    I have the Cabela's European predator 11 ft.-1 3/4 lb.test curve.Mine is old! The closest thing that I have to compare it to in stiffness is a 16 ft."Wally Marshall" Tightline Special WMT16-316' M.Hvy Act.1/4-1oz.Lure wt. 10-25 lb. Line D4 rod. I also have a old Cabela's MATCH ROD 12 ft. 2-8 lb. Line.The closest thing that I have to compare it to in stiffness is a 12 ft."Wally Marshall" Mighty Lites WMM12-2UL 12'0' Ultra Lite Act. 1/64-1/4 oz. Lure wt. 2-10 lb. Line K4 rod. I also have a "WALLY MARSHALL" Signature Series WMX140CP-3 14/ Lite Act. 1/16-1/4 oz. Lure wt. 4-12 ib.Line L4 rod.I found the "Wally Marshall" rods to be not exact but similar in action to the Predator and Match rods.My old Cabela's rods have the old type sliding reel rings on a long handle.It gives you a lot of room to balance your your rig with your reel location.My "Wally Marshall"rods were bought through Bass pro.I hope this may be of some help.peewee-williams