Cabelas opening in Omaha today at 8:00 AM

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by jdstraka, Nov 3, 2006.

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Well this is the plan! Going to put on My oldest pair of bib overhalls, My old tennis shoes with no socks,take My teeth out, get a fresh jar of Danny kings punch bait,purfume Me all up and hit the Grand Opening and just mill around and see if they might offer me a new tiger rod or something of equal value if i would be so kind to exit the premises. what do you think Guys will it work? LOL,To bad I don't belong to one of them other sights on the web that have been Bad mouthing us and had one of there hats or something cause I'd put that on to and give them a little exposure(which woulden't be the kind that they would like) Oh well if I'm not on for a copple of days I'm OK just probably in the Can at the Lavista county Jail, Them Boys over there don't have a very good seince of humor. LOL. Wish Me luck Your CRAZY Brother from Iowa. J.D.
    :beat_brick: :beat_brick: :beat_brick:
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    If that happens, JD, give me a call, I'll come and bail you out!!

    I am hoping to get out there tommorrow afternoon, to see what kinda deals they have, dont know if I'll make it this weekend or not. Let me know if your plan works, then I'll know how to dress, when I go!:lol: